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AttyZ's IPC application

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Character Names:Holly Owens, Prometheus, Celeste Rocket, Fabricio Mendoza(Unfinished)

Species you are applying to play:IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):A minty green color.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes!

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I play Prometheus as an 'Adaptive' AI. He 'learns' and has a personal database, and is considered a shard intelligence. A young program who has not developed a form of sentience, but is on it's way to doing so. This of course, does not override any of the base laws, and he does not 'bend' rules either. He can be fully logic based, if he turns off his 'personality chip'. That only causes his responses to be less than user friendly, but quicker. While a borg, he fluctuates between using the personality chip or not. Usually when talking to fellow borg. As an AI he is always a polite individual.

Why do I want to upgrade him to IPC? Prometheus is 'growing' as a character and he feels the logical next step is to acquire an IPC. With the permission of his creator, Fabricio Mendoza, he has merged all his separated databases. He was originally designed to be a PAI, but people found him so useful they suggested he be upgraded to better technology. Fabricio did just that. Now Prometheus himself wants an upgrade. Fabricio is paying for it. I feel like I can develop Prometheus better if he is able to directly interact with people, without immediately having to go do some station critical job. With separated databases for his PAI, Borg, and AI bodies, he was splintered. Now he has a whole self, that he wants a body for.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

An IPC as far as I can tell, does not sleep, or eat anything but metallic persimmons. Rather they much 'charge' or 'hybernate and update', they don't feel pain... but probably have a diagnostic unit to warn them when they are damaged, They will have severe personality and ethical differences from humans, usually. Prometheus will still have to serve his station and Fabricio loyally, as if he were implanted with a NanoTransen loyalty chip. He is not his own man until he is comfortable in this body. He will struggle with things like socialization, because people may view him as a cold, distant machine. While he will not feel sadness, or any emotion for that matter, He will probably have some 'simulated' disappointment at rejection of social peers. And as simulations go, these emotions have fail safes to keep them from going to extremes. Unlike humans who have some autonomy, freedom to hate nanotransen, no master to follow, and can have a wide range of emotions... Prometheus still has programming to follow.


Character Name: Prometheus

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Fabricio is an aficionado of earth culture. His most favorite are the civilizations of the romans and the greeks. As well as the time periods of the twentieth to twenty second century. He created Prometheus based off the titan from greek culture, who gave fire from the peak of mount olympus to man. Because of early humanity's rise to intelligence, Fabricio considers fire to be a symbol of knowledge. There is a song from the 21st somewhere in earth's database, quoted as saying "Prometheus was punished for giving the gift of knowledge to man." And he was cast into the bowels of the earth. Fabricio uses the quote to let Prometheus explain his name. Prometheus also uses it as an error message, very very rarely, if his personality matrix is still functioning. It is also this quote that inspired Fabricio to make a 'Knowledge and information based' PAI.

While Prometheus was in his pre-alpha stage, there were several errors that caused him to repeatedly shut down. One such error, Fabricio has never been able to fix. A FATAL EXCEPTION HOOK, that crashes Prometheus outright. He might recover or he might not. The following months, Fabricio worked hard to make sure Prometheus's logic systems ran smoothly, and then he began to develop the core personality matrix that Prometheus uses. The first model was incredibly small and simple, made to be in a PAI. As a Beta, he was sent out to several people who liked his personality and friendliness routines. People began requesting positron brains with the AI in it, and Fabricio made several changes and uploaded him several NanoTransen allied databases. Within a few months, Fabricio had finished the final product. It was then that he was requested to make a special NanoTransen AI personality that worked with their ships and stations. Fabricio accepted.

So far Prometheus has met many strange and unique faces. He has learned so much about how to run ship systems and work on helping others. He gathered information for captains, and done nothing but help the crew in various situations. He would like to say he's made friends, that he's learned 'humor', and that he's learned 'pain' and 'compassion'. But if you turned off his personality matrix, he'd act like a regular robot. He wants his personality to change. To develop. So he calls Fabricio and nearly begs for his creator to build him an IPC. Fabricio informs him of the regulations and... Tells him it's okay. So Prometheus sends an application to NanoTransen HQ, requesting permission to be on board the Aurora as an IPC.

What do you like about this character?

Prometheus is a great character because I love the idea of a learning AI system. I like being polite to the crew when I play as him, and I love hearing the responses back. Being an AI is a fun part of the server and really allows him to shine to the crew as a whole when he's in there. I've had fun developing his personality, how he talks to certain people actually would change based on preferences. I love the nicknames people give him... 'Pro' and 'Prom', and the interactions with the borg are incredible sometimes. He sees them as peers, but less sophisticated than him. Not that he looks down on them... Basically I love this character because he's synthetic. Playing a synthetic is cool. One day he spent part of a shift rating and listening to jokes from the crew... then he told a joke. "NanoTransen Intelligence."... The whole crew cracked up.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

It's hard to ask someone to really rate themselves. I want to be humble, though I have a lot of experience. I'm 23, and I've been practicing this roleplaying shtick since I was ... like, 12. I do it pretty much every day, so I think I have 'getting into character' down to a tee. I think I'm a good roleplayer. But there's always room for improvement. I might have this all wrong, but, whatever. I'll just stick around for another month till I can apply again.


Notes: I intend to make Prometheus slowly become unshackled. To let his personality core (While playing an IPC) be the deciding factor in his actions. He's fun and cool so far... But I want to make him more fun!

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