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Incident Report 16/10/2457


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Reporting Personnel:Inis Truesight

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Security Cadet

Personnel Involved: Terrance Frank, Internal Affairs Agent, Andy Hynes, Security Officer, Victor Kaipov, Security Officer, Chao Heng, Security Officer, Rose Watson, Journalist. Donovan Giles, Botanist, Arkin Weaver, Chief Engineer

Time of Incident: Approximately 1120

Location of Incident: Starboard Corridor, Central Primary Corridor, Brig Cell 2.

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment [X]Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: While I was working within medical, assisting an overworked Physician, Synwave; Mr Franks accosted me, after getting into medical through a door that had been opened for Mr Hynes, by myself. He asked me if "It was me?" And asking if I was "The psych." Shortly after this, Mr Hynes escorted him out.

After medical no longer needed my assistance, Mr Franks met me outside the lobby, and implied that he had permission to investigate the possibility of someone on the ship having undivulged Dissociative Identity Disorder; believing that he had legitimate authority, I divulged sensitive medical information about myself, shortly following this, Mr Franks shoved me against a wall, violently, and stated that, if he discovered that I was lying, which I was not, he would "rain down on you so hard, I'll make a hat out of your entrails and make sure you are locked up in a padded cell for the rest of your life."

Following this, I immediately attempted to immobilise Mr Franks, for issuing a direct death threat to my person, as I did not, at that time, have any way of disabling him, due to his eye protection, and my lack of equipment, due to the busyness of the shift, this involved a hand to hand engagement. After doing so, I immediately called for assistance, leading to his arrest by Mr Kaipov.

Later in the shift, as I was walking past Brig Cell 2, to pick up equipment, and overheard a conversation between another prisoner, Donovan Giles, and Mr Franks, leading, "Why you hurt red hair lady?" (I will note that Mr Giles had suffered injury earlier in the shift, partly why I was involved in medical affairs.), followed by "If I wanted to hurt her, she'd be dead right now."

I intervened after Mr Giles threatened harm to Mr Franks, after which he said, "At least that proves you weren't lying", when I asked whether he could be lying, he replied with, "Because I am a proper person?" Leading the implication that I was not; when I questioned him on this, he said, "Not according to your medical records, no." Upset by this, I demanded he tell he what he had done to my records, the response was "I haven't done anything...." "...yet."

Shortly after this, he stated that Akhet, the third largest population center in Sol Alliance space, "sounds like a seedy blood cult" and that I was lucky, because "there's someone here even more screwed up than you are."

After obtaining a copy of my medical record, I found that it was unchanged, and that Mr Franks had, instead, been implying that my Epilepsy made me less of a person, something I understandably find extremely offensive.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: None, however, Mr Franks implied that his investigation into this "Psych" was sanctioned by Arkin Weaver, Chief Engineer.

Additional notes:

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Due to admission of misconduct in the IR16OCT57-I.Truesight, and prior investigations. This division has found Mr Frank lacks the ethical and professional integrity needed within the Internal Affairs and Investigative branches, to a standard that would allow for any action to be taken on investigations or findings. Due to lack of forthcoming witnesses and both parties declaring hate for one another with claims of vendettas and testimonies from both sides damning one another while presenting innocent and blameless versions of themselves while unable to corroborate any single fact from one another. We have been forced to set aside all evidence for and against in the IR09OCT57-R.Mo'taki case.

The Aurora Duty officer division has sought and gathered permanent removal of Terrence Frank from all investigative branches of the Aurora and related NanoTrasen interests. This includes Internal Affairs, Forensics, Detective. Actions as a security official should he chose to take that path also prohibit taking an active role in any investigation. Restrictions to conduct or interfere in any investigation on any NT employee are also in place.

While we understand the difficulties of department removals. NanoTrasen believes in second and even third chances. Mr Frank has stated a desire to change things for the better as such we could not bring ourselves to commit to full termination. And we feel a less physical brand of his current conduct would suit well for notable exposés in our station side journalists, or his efforts to question motivations would do well withing the supply divisions.

Duty Officer

Daniel Bay

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