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Jim Hascrow's (Greekin) Custodial Engineers United Badge


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Character name:

Jim Hascrow

Item name:

Custodial Engineers United Badge

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Upon joining Custodial Engineers United, members are given a membership badge. This badge tells their employers and colleagues several things. Of course it is proof they are indeed a member of Custodial Engineers United, but it also shows them that they are qualified in the fields of custodial care-taking and basic station upkeep. Jim Hascrow would be taking this to work because not only would it allow him to prove his competency to the crew, but it would also prove his Custodianship in times of dire need, when an ID just won't cut it or crew members don't believe he can properly fulfill his custodial duties.

Item function(s):

Upon clicking this item whilst it is in your hand, it will be shown to anyone around you- basically working similarly to the ID card.

Item description:

"A small leather badge-holder which flips open revealing two items.

On the left flap, a small, folded document which states the membership that Jim Hascrow has with the Custodial Engineers United.

On the right flap, a purple, bucket shaped emblem is sewn into the leather. At the top of the emblem it reads, "Custodial Engineers United", the bottom reading, "To Serve And Clean"

Item appearance:

Something Like This, but with a lot more purple, and instead of a police badge a purple bucket.


Additional comments:

In case you might ask, this item will improve roleplay by allowing my character to have not only a deeper backstory (instead of "lul was janitor hole lief, very old am i), but a conversation starter while he is being escorted around departments to clean. Basically something to fill the many awkward silences that occur as Custodial Engineer (Janitor)

Also, if needs be I can shorten the description of the item.

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I was waiting for something like that to happen ever since I read your guide on being a custodial engineer.

Hell - I want this so much that tonight I'll have a shot at spriting it.


Thanks :)

I'll be honest, I didn't want anyone to have to do a lot of work so I tried spriting it. It came out shit.

Just wanted you to know I tried.

<3 thanks babes

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