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Transportation Borg

Guest Menown

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What it says on the tin.

Skull posted an idea for turning Cratey into a transportation borg, which is something I actually like the idea of. A cyborg that is a mobile crate. Able to transport items inside it to different portions of the station. It could assist Engineers with transporting metal, glass, trash, ect. It could move medical supplies to a triage center being set up. It could help move things that are at risk of less-than-secure transport to differing points on the station by method of a lock in its system that can be engaged.

In a way, this could be something like the "hands" that borgs could be missing, without giving it an overt advantage over other borgs by being severely lacking in modules.

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I can see the interest in roleplaying a security or service borg. A medical borg, to some extent. And janiborgs are about as thankless of a role as being a regular janitor is.

But are people actually interested in roleplaying a moving crate?

Like yes, it sounds hilarious on paper, but it'd probably get boring after half a minute, no?

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Depends on how you implement it. If you gave them cargo tug panels so they can snake around the station?

Like, give them a clamp that lets them pick up crates, and then have it place the crate on one of their cargo tug. Using the clamp on the tug would connect or disconnect panels from each other. When emagged, give them the 'run people over' thing from the muels and watch as they murder the entire station.

To be honest, while this is cool, I do think it's a little slight for a full module. You could safely add this to the mining borg and make it more into a mining/cargo borg while also just straight up making it a more useful miner.

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I'd say this is a pretty lame module type... except we've got players who enjoy being janitorial droids... that's, like, basically a high-tech mop with a posibrain attached. So lame doesn't mean it won't be played/enjoyed. Which is fine.

And I've got an awesome idea for an emagged/hacked ability: snatching. Roll up behind a crew member, shove them in a locker you're holding, and scoot off. Yep, robotic kidnapping. XD

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