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Employee Record: Karimi, Zahra

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[Very much a WIP, to be expanded on over time. Please message me if some stated fact or format conflicts with server lore!]

Name: Karimi, Zahra

NanoTrasen UEID: KZTCIV-243094-5973741-0003

Employed: 2454.6.19

Clearance: Civilian, Class 2

Pay Schedule: Class 4 + Occupational

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 2430.9.4

Blood Type: B+

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 68.9 kg

Skin: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown


Registered Address:

4061 AC Fenduan, Level B

Fifth Harmony, Hengsha Arcology

New Gibson, Tau Ceti

Federal Republic of Biesel


Current Assignment:

2457.10.2 - NSS Aurora/Tau Ceti

Orbital Plasma Manipulation and Research Facility

Designation: EVA Shaft Miner

Designation: APLU Pilot, Class 1

Designation: Supply Technician

Designation: Supplemental Staff


Previous Assignments:


2456.1.3 - 2457.10.2 - NSS Lysander/Tau Ceti

Deep Space Mineral Extraction Facility

Designation: EVA Shaft Miner

Designation: APLU Pilot, Class 1

Designation: Supplemental Staff


2454.10.29 - 2456.1.3 - Dianling Northern Traverse/New Gibson/Tau Ceti

Surface-Based Mineral Extraction Facility

Designation: Shaft Miner

Designation: APLU Pilot, Class 1

Designation: Supplemental Staff


2454.6.16 - 2454.10.29 - Hengsha Surface Training Facility/New Gibson/Tau Ceti

Onboarding and Acculturation Facility

Designation: Trainee, Shaft Miner

Designation: Trainee, APLU Pilot, Class 1

Designation: Trainee, Civilian EVA


Educational Records:

Hongsun Park Engineering Institute - Phoenixport/Biesel/Tau Ceti

M.Sc. - Applied Bluespace Theory (Completed 2457.12.21)

B.Sc. - Astrophysics (Completed 2452.12.20)

B.Sc. - Mathematics (Completed 2452.12.20)

Medical Records:

Security Records:

Dianling NTSMO/New Gibson/Tau Ceti

Disorderly Conduct (1) - 2455.2.19 - Remediated, Spr. Halle Arksonnson

Disorderly Conduct (1) - 2455.4.2 - Remediated, Spr. Halle Arksonnson

Indecent Exposure (1) - 2455.4.2 - Remediated, Spr. Halle Arksonnson

Disorderly Conduct (3) - 2455.4.8 - Remediated, Spr. Halle Arksonnson


Onboarding Notes

N. Seong: Candidate satisfies prescreening requirements for multiple training programmes, and has expressed a preference for the Bluespace Research Initiative on New Gibson. Candidate has expressed a willingness to travel, and has opted-in to supplemental aptitude testing and selection. Candidate's physical health qualifies her for EVA training.

H. Xiu: Ms. Karimi's decision to seek employment with NanoTrasen on New Gibson is surprising, but not unwelcome. Her decision to apply may indicate a schism within her family. Doctor Saeed Karimi's recent publications contradict many of the views the candidate expressed in her interviews. She does not appear to share her father's opinions for our work. Perhaps this can be leveraged by PR? Wait until she's in the program to bring it up. Until we're certain there's nothing strange going on here, we should surveil her.

S. Whitehouse: Karimi's selection scores are weighted heavily toward lab work and analysis. Her university thesis impressed the evaluators, but there's an abrasive edge to her that I don't believe is suited for collaborative research. If employed, I'm going to recommend that she spend additional time in the CTP until she's ironed out.

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Log: 2454.6.19/14:36:10

Interview Room #19

Hengsha FH Acculturation



"Good afternoon, Miss Karimi. Thank you for being so patient with us."

"No trouble, ma'am. I didn't mind the wait at all."

"Onboarding was pleased to see you undertake supplemental selection. It's really being pushed internally. Sort of a solution to the placement concerns Mister Xiu explained yesterday."

"Well, he made it sound like it would help quite a bit. Employees who opt-in get preference for the BSRI."

"It weights the selection in your favor somewhat, yes. But you should understand that by opting in, you're obliged to accept other designations if it's--."

"Oh, yes! I read the agreement in full."

"We're pleased to hear it. That's actually why we're speaking, today. Your aptitude scores qualify you for a range of programs that you may not have previously considered. Before that, though, I'd just like to ask a few clarifying questions."

"Of course."

"The biggest concern we saw when we looked at your eligibility for the BSRI was your unfinished degree. If you wished to display a commitment to a program such as this, any of the directors would want to see you've put in the time to complete it."

"My intention is to complete the program once I can financially support the effort."

"At Hongkun Park?"

"If I can. It's an outstanding school, ma'am."

"It's nicer place than Hengsha."

"Haha, yes, yes it is."

"If offered the chance to complete your degree remotely, during the term of your NanoTrasen employment, would you consider that option?"

"Yes I would."

"Alright. It's not uncommon for employees to finish degrees while under contract. Though, you'll be expected to commit a percentage of your compensation."

"Yes, ma'am. That's what Mister Xiu told me."

"So long as we're on the same page, Miss Karimi. The only other concern that was voiced concerns your registered religion. Your parents are practicing Muslims, yes?"

"Uh..yes, ma'am, that's correct."

"Do you believe that your faith would prohibit you from undertaking any task you may be asked to perform, to the best of your knowledge?"

"Ah. I don't practice, ma'am. There...uh. There shouldn't be an issue, there."

"Administration takes this sort of thing seriously, particularly with certain Islamic beliefs. I just want to make sure."

"I can assure you it won't be an issue."

"Very well. Thank you. If you could take a look at this, you'll see programs you qualified for under supplemental selection. Take your time."



(Shuffling of a chair)

"This is the only page? I don't..."


"Oh, it's not...I mean, I just don't see the section I applied for, that's all."

"It's possible that you qualified, but there's no placement need."

"Oh, but...the position I applied for was advertised on the university Usenet. I have it written down all over the paperwork..."

"Regardless, your terms of employment will require you to begin your career in one of these selected programs, as you agreed to. If that's unfavorable, you're not yet under contract."


"Do you need some time to think?"

"I think I do, ma'am."

"Alright, that's fine. We'll schedule a follow up meeting for tomorrow afternoon."

"Uhm...yes. Yeah, that should work. What time do you have availability...?"



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Administrative Assistance Console (AAC)

Version 16.6551

Copyright 2399-2454 NanoTrasen Corporation

All Rights Reserved





> Good evening, Administrative Director Xiu Honghui.

> It is currently 21:21:02 (HST) on 2454.6.14.



XHonghui.0616>FCALL APTRECORD KZTCIV-243094-5973741-0003 /vlist /Q




Displaying Qualifying Training Aptitudes for: Karimi, Zahra, Prospective Employee

Failing scores not displayed.

Untested qualifications not displayed.

* Indicates long-term direct supervision requirement following completion of training.


- Administrative Assistant


- Research Staff, Class 1

- Development Laboratory Technician

- Plasma Manipulation Laboratory Technician*

- Reactives Laboratory Technician*

- Xenoarchaeology Laboratory Technician*

- Bluespace Data Analyst

- Telepad Operator

- Administrative Assistant


- Chemistry Laboratory Technician*

- Administrative Assistant


- Maintenance Staff, Class 1*


No Records Found


No Records Found


No Records Found




>End Of Report.

XHonghui.0616>EDIT APTRECORD KZTCIV-243094-5973741-0003 /F



>WARNING: You are requesting an edit to a finalized aptitudes record.

>Improper or unauthorized use of this feature may result in administrative penalties.

>Are you sure you want to proceed? Y



>Please Wait.

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