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Drono-Cop, the Return. (P.S Fuck Tish Lol)

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Crime Stopping Drone.

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): Tenth of October, 2457

Region of Space: Tau Ceti

Controlled by (if not a faction): He follows no gods, no masters, no kings, only the law that he holds in his tiny magnetic grippers.

Other Snapshot information: Has an appetite for stopping crime, is a loose cannon and a hard-boiled detective with a thirst for hard alcohol.

Long Description:

Manufactured in an Eridani corporate-sweatshop in 2457, his module an off-hand replication of the favored Beepsky. While at his short stay in the Corporate-Sweatshop, his unquenchable thirst for crime (and hard alcohol) brewed deep in his circuits, furthering his deeper descent in to a growing black-and-white mentality. When he was finally cleared for shipping, a mistake had caused him to get shipped to the Aurora, where he was left for an indefinable amount of time. When he was finally awoken, his crime-stopping hardware had kicked in, and he saw nothing but threats to the station, and the biggest one of all, a crime against fashion. He sprung in to action, loading himself up with enough pepper spray to make a spicy Indian styled curry, which happened to be his favorite crime stopping snack besides hard Gin to wash away his sorrows. As he moved in to stop this abominable fashion statement, an Engineer had tried to intercept him, but being as witty as he was, he quickly maneuvered backwards to shoot a hot cloud of Crime Stopping Justice in to his eyes, immediately incapacitating him, and proceeded on to the other criminal, unloading half of his fiery concoction in to his eyes, letting the searing feeling of justice sink in to his eyes, before unsheathing his Screwdriver of Justice, and beginning to carve out the prisoners skull like it was Halloween, and the perpetrator was the pumpkin. As he continued to punish the criminal for his crimes against humanity (and fashion), a large green Unathi turned the corner, and proceeded to unload an entire magazine of Corporate Fat-Cat mentality in to Drono-Cop, blowing him in to tiny bits of circuitry and a smoldering heap of Justice, and with no protector for the Aurora, it would crumble under the massive Ass known as crime. In his final moments of life, he heard a final ping, and was permanently shut down by the Edgy L33T Hacker Group 132 and the Boyz, never to smell the sweet scent of Justice again.

Petition to have Drono-Cop immortalized on the Aurora, please.

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