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New Item: Pipe Wrench


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Ever start working as an atmospheric technician and find that all the pipes are at 301 kpa and you can't undo a connection anymore? I sure have. Its frustrating to waste all the time draining such pipes out, and not terribly realistic. After all, that pathetic little crescent wrench in an engineer's toolbelt isn't the two-handed swagger-stick a real Lord of Atmos carries. Introducing the pipe wrench; the Industrial Welder of wrenches. With a one-meter handle and two-handed grip mode, this hot-forged shaft and machined bit ensures powerful torque and traction on even the most stubborn, pressurized pipes up to 4,500 kpa. Beyond this, extra oomph will still open the offending pipe... and shatter it, releasing the contents of the pipe itself to the local tile. For example, a straight pipe is 70 liters internal volume. Removing it when over 4,500 kpa will subtract the appropriate moles from the pipe network and delete the pipe, then add the moles to the tile the pipe occupied. This may or may not have horrible unintended consequences, but should not create massive problems. 70 liters of burning plasma isn't that much in a 2500 liter floor tile, but it is enough to make it a bad idea.

Downsides, beyond being an idiot, include the bit not connecting with standard connections and bolts. It is only useful on pipes. Furthermore it requires both hands to operate. Pipe wrenches spawn in Atmospherics in the atmospheric lockers, and in the Chief Engineer's locker. A final downside? Two-handed meter-long solid steel clubs cause rather nasty blunt force injuries and broken bones in incidents of workplace violence. Wear a hardhat!

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