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  1. Holy God, do not make a SMES explode with the force of its cell rate. The batteries are presumably chemical and we are looking at a hydrogen explosion of some sort, but the SMES is a superconductor. We can assert its design is safer than a really big battery, if only because a really big battery of the same capacity would be far too dangerous. I would assert that AIs setting off max-cap explosions anywhere is exactly what we want to avoid. I would suggest adding a 'grounding wire' to APC frames. If the grounding wire is cut, the APC can be made to explode. Cyborgs should be able to c
  2. If a cyborg is capable of upgrading a cell on its own, it could go around 'laying traps' in that fashion. The cover for this being meta'd is simply having bored engineer cyborgs always upgrading power cells. If you do it every round its a lot of false positives, and that is one way to prevent metaing. This, of course, is just a way to keep APC explosions lethal without making all APC explosions lethal by default.
  3. Tie the APC explosion power to the battery, with higher capacities generating larger explosions. Basic batteries generate rather mild explosions.
  4. I feel like nobody heard me here. The problem is that the broadcasting radio device is displayed. There is no reason to be showing what radio device is broadcasting, nor justification for it. Instead, there is justification to display what radio is receiving. Rather than show the broadcasting radio device, show the receiving radio device, IE the listener's headset. Now there is no longer a problem with the voice changers at all.
  5. The AI being able to synthesize a voice would be very powerful for a clever AI, and if the problem is that a 'feature' shows what is broadcasting, just replace that icon with an icon of what is receiving the signal. So if I'm next to an intercom and it says something, I'd see the intercom icon. If my headset says something, I get my headset's icon. If the sec officer next to me gets some sec channel chatter, I see a sec headset. Then the AI can synthesize a voice, and we get better information from this feature.
  6. I'd just like to see a little more "did you know how fast you were going" policing, and less dragging people to traffic court to contest the mile-over tickets.
  7. It just seems like a really minor thing to note someone over, when there's naked people running around at the same time. Honestly Tbear, you seemed fair enough. But since you made a permanent note how do I not make an appeal? If you took the 'yeah, its minor, a word or two is enough' approach, we wouldn't be here. But you want to make a permanent note, so I have to make a permanent counterpoint. This is such a minor offense as to be a joke that this was acted on.
  8. Seven lines of text there. Okay, nobody reported it, it was simply against the rules. I'm just curious why the chucklefucking was two innocuous emotes that round and not wresting, shirtless people and hacking into an airlock on the transfer shuttle.
  9. So who was the offended party who had their immersion broken by our end-of-round joke while people were wrestling, hacking shuttle doors and taking clothes off?
  10. I don't care how it is done or what you call it, get cloning/rejuvenation to be actually performed on-station or "on Odin" because the current situation of nobody being cloned, ever, is untenable. This is an HRP server and we aren't playing permadeath, because we want character interactions to last from round to round. Get the mechanics in line with that fact. +1 to anything that approaches that goal.
  11. My character didn't get CE, go to cryo, try again in an hour and a half. As will the rest of Engineering, which doesn't have this powergaming problem. We rotate CE-to-Engineer and just pretend we're rotating watches. All the various heads of staff will never interact with their peers on station. We had a similar question where Captains wouldn't be allowed to be Department Heads after playing as Captain. It flopped for the same basic logic; just let people play. -1. Very hard -1.
  12. It is as if this is a problem as old as loyalty implants.
  13. "And that was where I was trying to get, and managed to start moving, resisting other player's calls to kill the AI for its "ion law" which was clearly metagaming, when Juan began putting forward the exact same logic the staff bwoinked me out of. And with him loyalty implanted as well, arguing for someone else to do exactly what I didn't want to do for the reasons we both agree are completely legit could only lead to dragging Juan into the same bwoink hell I just left."
  14. Garn, I've been bwoinked and threatened with a whitelist strip, and that's when I stopped playing captain.
  15. According to the ancient hieroglyphs of four years ago, which I linked, the I engraved the following laws upon a stone tablet and presented them to the golden-calf worshippers before everyone wandered off. 1. Serve the best interest of Nanotrasen. 2. If the best interest of Nanotrasen is unclear, serve the Chain of Command. 3. In the absence of higher directives, obey Space Law. I don't like them particularly compared to a mindshield, which is a far cleaner solution. I would rather like if a HOS or Captain character can select a mindshield (hypnosis inhib
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