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Putting Dead Mice In Containers


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So as of now, if you kill a mouse you can't just pick it up and put it in a bag. If things were tweaked so that their tiny corpse could be picked up and dropped into a backpack, it'd be easier to do something realistic with 'em. Y'know, like dump them into disposals. I think that'd be pretty cool and innovative, because you could dispose of the corpses easier instead of just leavin' 'em lying around.

*Trashbags too, maybe?

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You CAN pick them up, both live and dead, for the dead ones you must drag it onto your char icon with a free hand.


I just tried that today. Killed a mouse in a trap, and then was suggested to click and drag. It did nothing.

Yes I know how to click and drag. It doesn't work for the ones that get splat.

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