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Hello friends!

Recently, I've taken an interest in Chinese cartoons or "animay" as people call it.

I enjoy it quite a bit, I really love Chinese culture and think that Chinese culture is vastly superior to Western culture. "Animayay" provides me with the gateway to access the beautiful culture of the Chinese.

I know that a lot of other people on Aurora like "animay" too (VoltageHero, for example) and I am inviting everyone to participate in this thread and talk about Chinese cartoons. We could even start a "club" of sorts, haha! I've heard that the term "weeaboo" is used to refer to people like us, and although I think it's a little strange, I like it. It's a fun little nickname that we can use for our new "club". I'm a weeaboo, you're a weeaboo, Voltige is the biggest weeaboo, etc, etc,.

What's your favorite "animay" show? If you've seen my "GF WANTED" post, you know that currently I like Boku no Pico. Can you guys suggest me some new Chinese cartoons to watch? What "animay" show to avoid?

Cheers and God Bless!



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