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Poles and handrails


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So. The station, in general, can lose gravity. And anyone who's not buckled in a seat falls down for X amount of time. Same goes for the shuttles.

Simple suggestion: add poles, handrails and other misc. things like this for players to latch onto (which could be done three ways: standard buckle action of click-dragging, but with "latches onto/grabs" rather than "buckled in"; using the handrail with a grab intent, or just using the handrail with empty hands.

But yeah - adding poles and all sorts of hand-grabbable fixed objects across the station and the shuttles would allow players to make medical and the departures shuttle a strip club with stripper poles to avoid being incapacitated when gravity goes down or if the shuttle runs out of seats (as a matter of fact; make them pretty much resprited, re-stringed chairs and it makes more sense for the research, mining and engineering shuttle to have handrails to hold onto, it maximizes cargo space without looking ridiculous).

On the plus side; adding poles like these at regular intervals, in the halls, allow people to not be completely ruined by over/underpressure when opening doors without magboots. No more will people forcefully die because they were sucked into a vacuumed room because of unexpected vacuum.

AND finally, it gives easier ways to secure/neutralize someone who's cuffed but running. Just tie them to the damn pipe and wait for someone to come with a stretcher.

(And for map simplicity, make them possible to build from metal and wrenched to the floor or something so that no one has to go through the whole map to place them down)


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