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Now Hiring - Official(?) Nanotrasen Security Inspectors

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ALERT: All TAINAVA agents must abide by confidentiality agreements. Do not disclose the nature of this agency to anyone but your direct superiors within this agency. Violators will be faced with termination or imprisonment.


PASSWORD> *************


ACCESS Limited.


First time user detected....

Welcome, new hire!  If you are here this means you have chosen or been chosen to serve in the Terrorist Attack and Infiltration Network, Asessement of Vulnerability Agency. As you were informed during your orientation, we are a covert agency within Nanotrasen that probes installations in Nanotrasen-controlled space for weaknesses in security and procedure via simulated infiltration or attacks. You were chosen not for potential combat prowess but either skill in infiltration and stealth or experience aboard Nanotrasen vessels. Your knowledge will be put to the test. Intimate familiarity with Nanotrasen stations and procedure are of the utmost importance for these missions. 

Missions are self-assigned. Each comes with its own pay based on value and difficulty. In addition to financial reward, TAINAVA guarantees immunity to prosecution for all crimes committed during the course of officially sanctioned operations. Penalties will be taken from pay for any TAINAVA regulations violated during the course of a mission. Honesty is expected, as dishonesty in reports will be met with termination not only from the agency but revokation of criminal immunity and full prosecution under Nanotrasen Corporate Regulations. Bear in mind that this does not guarantee immunity from arrest and action by station crews, simply any legal proceedings once the standard shift has ended.  Welcome. Please make sure to review TAINAVA Agent Guidelines before accepting any tasks. Violations may result in penalties against levied against your pay. 



1. Avoid accidental or intentional death of crew during operation. Though violence may be necessary in the process of self-defense avoid lethal force whenever possible. In the case of authorized killings, observe the following:

1a. Under no circumstance should a crew member under a Do Not Clone order be killed as a result of your actions. Trained crew are valuable and difficult to replace.

1b. Do not, through your actions, cause a crew member to die in such a way that cloning will be difficult, impossible, or exceptionally expensive. Do not destroy the bodies of uncloned crew, decapitate them, or otherwise interfere with the cloning process.

2. Avoid use of explosive devices during the course of your mission.

2a. Use of small explosive devices such as C4 or grenades or incendiary devices may be acceptable on a case by case basis. Avoid venting the station.

2b. Large explosives, such as the ones that can be made in the station's toxins lab should NEVER be used.

3. Minimize use of your agency issued PDA tools. A bonus will be issued for remaining telecrystals.

3a. A larger bonus will be issued for having an intact Agency Issued balloon with you when you board the Odin at the end of a shift.

4. Avoid interfering with Medbay operations, where possible. Avoid incapacitating doctors, ESPECIALLY geneticists.

5. Doing your best to avoid capture is important, but avoiding detection is not. Being discovered and sometimes captured by station security is an important part of your task. Your job is to probe. Bonuses will be paid for not being caught.

6. Never divulge your affiliation with TAINAVA to any station crew or even Nanotrasen officials that you do not already know to be TAINAVA affiliates, even if faced with imprisonment. If captured, your imprisonment will be brief.

7. Do not work with real hostile agents. If you discover a hostile agent aboard your assigned station you should set aside any other task and work to ensure they do not achieve their own ends. A bonus will be provided if a hostile infiltration is stopped as a result of your action.

7a. If a hostile agent is captured alive as a result of your action the bonus is doubled.

7b. Technology recovered from enemy agents will be rewarded with 150% of the bonus awarded for their equivalent Telecrystal value. Unknown devices will be appraised and rewarded accordingly.

8. You are not eligible to complete assignments on shifts where you are a Head of Staff



[[OOC: Thought I'd try something a little different for all you people out there who want to play Antag but don't want to feel like you have to kill people and blow shit up! I'll be including a Bounty Board document (still working on it) that explains the different tasks, bonuses and penalties. ALSO, please post in this thread if you want your character added to the Bounty Board as a Bonus kidnapping or assassination target. Also, please note, as of right now, this group's existence as an NT agency is NOT canon. If you complete an antag shift as a TAINAVA agent, post a brief report of what you did, along with an list of your assignments completed here. Proof would be nice, but I'm not that hung up on it, this is just for roleplay purposes! ]]

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LOGIN> Klondike

PASSWORD> ****************


ACCESS Granted



That is a most... interesting initiative. Color me interested. Though I have several questions:

First, define self-assigned. Does it mean that as long as the protocols of this project are followed, all operations are sanctioned missions, or that differing missions will be given and operatives can select which ones to complete?

Second, is execution by proxy allowable? I am not a field agent myself, but I have several units I regularly send on excursions. Since they are under my authority and control, do I claim the bonuses?

Third, you mentioned legal immunity. Does that include for EVERY SINGLE CRIME within guidelines? If so, I suggest... rectifying the guidelines, because there are a LOT of crimes that, despite the fact that I work against NanoTrasen, believe should be prosecuted for their sheer... idiocy. I will provide an encrypted list, if desired.

Fourth, for the bonus on enemy technology, you should find a way to ensure that it is indeed enemy technology - I know the NSS Aurora, and their research department IS advanced enough to deconstruct, recompile and recreate such technology. Any operative with the knowledge on how to operate these machines could subdue whomever is in the Science department and use that loophole to garner a massive bonus by mass-printing technology.

Though I must applaud this.

And before you question my motives; I am not evil or inclined to be a criminal. Money simply speaks quite loudly.

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[[Was that last reply an accident? If it wasn't, it may need some modification before it's accepted as a bounty. I put more clarification on assassinations in the Assignment Document. ]]

RE: (No Subject)




Hello there, Klondike! Thank you for your interest in our program.

First of all, you can now access the Assignment Board, which should clear some things up. By self-assigned, we mean that the work is freelance, you can choose your own assignments from the assignment board! Some are more open ended than others.

As for your second question, we do allow conditional subcontracting! We will require anyone you sub-contract to be a qualified Nanotrasen employee and follow the same protocols and rules of conduct as our standard employees. While working directly with a group that opposes Nanotrasen isn't part of our standard protocol, it will only strengthen our security.

Third, no legal immunity does not apply to crimes not committed during the course of completing an assignment. Crimes committed without point, or crimes that violate our Agent Guidelines risk legal immunity being revoked and the agent being terminated.

And finally, we have considered the risk, but have the means to tell the difference between enemy technology and station-produced tech from the science department. Anything more would be giving away our secrets! That said, we will pay for misappropriated valuable technology. If security should be arresting you for having it, or your Head of Staff should be making sure you don't, then we'll probably pay for it!

And we're Nanotrasen. We don't care about morals. We care about results.

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((Wasn't a mistake, was just to discern both antags. Gimme a hand to make it valid?))

LOGIN> Klondike

PASSWORD> ****************


ACCESS Granted



I have seen. Many thanks

And it is good to know that subcontracting is valid. Though please do not mistaken - I do not PLEDGE to work against Nanotrasen, and I am not really a group - I am working for money, and it happens that NanoTrasen is a valuable source of income.

And third, I meant it more as more... damaging things to the station - though the Board answered my questions. I find it interesting that NT wishes to go as far as completely depowering and disabling the more important regions of the station.

As for the technology, it is quite good to know - I suppose I will have to deliver you that information on a platter if I want to know. Not a big problem. Data happens to be my specialty. Though, since you mention it - does improvised weapons count? Such as a powered crossbow?

And of course you do. There are still large swathes of information that are still encrypted to me (your cryptographist is quite talented if I say so myself), but what I know... ooh, you sure do love your results.

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((Soooo wait. Is this a NanoTrasen sanctioned branch? Is NT going to the Syndicate network and hiring agents to attack their own stations?))

((It's not really meant to be real canon, at least not as it is, but yes the idea is hiring people to be criminals in a way that benefits them rather than just going full freelance. After all, what better way to make sure things are secure than to see the giant insecurities first hand))

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