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  1. It should, I think its really only meant to be used in break-ins to the most secure places. But yeah these changes are all great
  2. I've played a rude, offensive pAI before. As far as I know this doesn't fall into any kind of rule violation, and I don't see why it would.
  3. Wait is this Tyrone LeNoire? The guys name is literally the most stereotypical black name he could think of, followed by his surname which is literally 'Black'. Lets not pretend, here, this is the same guy who played botanist and did nothing but grow ambrosia because HURR HURR WEED DEALER. Please don't try to use these weak excuses, it's not fooling anyone. I know the memesquad has to stick together, but come on. And that's secondary to the point that he's very obviously chucklefucking on purpose in the guise of incompetence. No fear RP 'because he's confident', he's just willing to go cut random wires on a bomb because why not. Then OOCly intentionally fails. How is this any different then someone deciding to 'RP' a welder bombing in any other situation? So can I play an incompetent doctor and chop someone's head off instead of performing their surgery? Would that be okay? Intentionally release the singularity because my engineer character is incompetent?
  4. Glad someone said it because this was EXACTLY What I was thinking. Richter is your stereotypical geneticist that's the reason the role needs to be reworked. The guy who gives himself powers constantly, is always on the front line of any antag situation, and just generally is exactly the kind of person who should not have any power. And certainly not any superpowers. And people might say 'oh well the player might play a head well' but I think behavior like that is bad RP and if someone thinks behaving like that, they're probably not suited to a head of staff position. -1
  5. I am not sure about this. Fritz has a serious habit of trying to play hero in Antag situations and getting himself killed, as well as being your IC Serial Dater whose character declares undying love every other shift to someone new and tries to snag more cats than the humane society.
  6. There's only room for one incestuous Tajaran family around here...
  7. Til he gets fired from that too.
  8. For what it's worth I have played with his EMT characters once or twice so he's not totally out of nowhere. I don't remember anything of substance about him, though so I can't properly support, here beyond saying he hasn't done anything wrong that I know of
  9. If this 'assistant' is Seon-rin Von Illenburg or whatever, I swear to fucking God. I think that the expectation is set that there are 100 ways you can roleplay a thing, but 99 of them are going to flat out piss people off. Although I would argue that characters like Seon-rin aren't even trying. Or like your bald chemist who attacked the CMO. I swear, it's almost like certain people hate extended so much and go out of their way to pretend to be the antagonist just to make people mad. Yeah, that's pretty much it. There's a few people who forget that Nanotrasen doesn't hire clowns anymore, and you wonder how they could continue to be employed. Some people really hate extended or anything where the whole station isn't burning down, so they do stuff like this. And of course some of those people are going to come into this thread and give the whole BLAH BLAH BORING CHAIR RP line of crap. If you can't handle RP without an antag, maybe this isn't the server for you. Conflict is good, but it doesn't have to be an every time thing. Develop your character, there's more to it than trying to fist fight nuke ops and trying to be 'hilarious' over the radio. But there's a line. Basically if your character would be pretty immediately fired for what you did, you should probably expect some repercussions.
  10. That's really the only reason you lost it then I definitely support you getting it back. hopefully someone can maybe come in with more details about if it was just the one incident or other things that led to it.
  11. Another example of character stats being a band aid on bad RP. But yes, it used to be that surgery caused screaming I think. Even sometimes if they were unconscious they would scream when you saw through the ribs. I think it's important that you be able to immediately tell that someone is getting surgery without anesthetic from outside.I have actually had times where I used sleep toxin rather than the gas and they woke up in the middle of surgery and did not react. I don't know if they didn't realize what was happening or just didn't feel like actually playing it out. Causing a failure chance for the surgery would be a good idea a patient getting surgery without anesthetic is likely to squirm
  12. Well we can't really help if you give us absolutely no information. What are you seeing when you try to log in, what message? Are you having the problem with anything else?
  13. I can see your post, but what's happening when you try to join?
  14. Alright. Well, I'll take your word for it. It's something I see disturbingly often from Chefs, and I don't get why. Other than that I've seen only good stuff from you, that I can remember, so +1
  15. Well that's good news. I'm glad the whole thing with Duty Officers starting to lay down the law is actually taking effect. I see a lot of people who I just wonder how they can possibly be employed.
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