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Sel'tier Iaro's custom item


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BYOND Key: Gollee

Character name: Sel'tier Iaro

Item name: Repaired textbook, or chemistry textbook, or Sel'tier's textbook.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? As well as being a textbook, it means quite a lot to him, as shown in the story, he also annotates it, as well as writing derogatory things about whatever other person is annoying him that day. (Sel's rather grumpy)

Item function(s): If it could have the same text in it as the normal chemistry book, that'd be great.

Item description: A copy of Gray's 2452 edition Chemistry in the Workplace. The front cover has been replaced by a pressed flower sheet.

Item appearance: like a book, with a greyish colour, and two purple flowers on the cover, maybe like harebells?

Additional comments:

Sel’tier looked up from his book as the front door opened, “Varrran?” He called, he was certain that Varan wouldn’t be back yet, he had just left. A quiet, female voice responded, “No… I… I am Amy…?” Sel’tier frowned and stood up, padding across the room to the corridor, his tail lashing about behind him.

In the corridor was a thin, pale young woman, with dirty red hair, wearing old, worn clothes, “This isn’t a homeless shelterrrr,” Sel’tier said shortly, trying to herd the woman back outside. She stumbled back, stepping back out of the door, “But I-“ She began, before he slammed the door shut.

Returning to his chair, Sel’tier thought he might have heard a sob, he dismissed it, it wasn’t his problem, he shouldn’t have to deal with homeless; that was what the police were for.

A few hours later, the door opened again, and Sel’tier called out again, “Varrran?” A harsh male voice responded, “Sel’tier Iaro! Get out here!” Sel’tier sprang lightly to his feet, muttering, but he moved quickly, Varan sounded angry. Sel’tier stopped dead as he looked into the corridor, Varan was in the corridor, supporting the beggar woman from earlier, Sel’tier looked at her more closely, and saw that her face and neck had been recently stitched up, some of the dressings looked clean.

Varan glared at Sel’tier, “Kitchen. Now.” He half carried, half dragged the woman past Sel’tier into the kitchen. Sel’tier followed quickly, watching as Varan set the woman down in a chair, her face and hair were wet, and her thin clothes were soaked through. Varan grabbed a towel from a laundry pile and wrapped it around her, she was shivering badly. Sel’tier looked back out of the front door, it was pouring with rain. He looked back at the woman, to find she was looking back at him, her bright green eyes filled with fear as she cringed away from him.

Sel’tier mreowled in irritation at the large puddle on the floor, “Why have you brrrought this homeless woman inside? She is getting everrrything wet,” Varan rose to his full height, gripping Sel’tier’s shoulder tightly, as he hissed in anger, Varan leant in close to his ear, “This, homeless woman is my daughter, I thought I had raised you well enough to care about people, it seems I was wrong.” Sel’tier yanked his shoulder out of Varan’s grip, before turning and dashing up the stairs, his textbook lying forgotten in the living room.

Upstairs, Sel’tier retreated to his room, slamming the door shut like a petulant child. Varan didn’t follow him up, so, after ten minutes or so, he crept back downstairs, peering down the stairs to see if he could grab his textbook. He saw the woman holding it, with Varan sat next to her. “This is Mr Sel’tier’s textbook…?” He heard her say, and Varan responded, “Yes… he reads a lot of journals and textbooks.” The woman opened the front cover carefully; the book was fraying and peeling at the spine. She gave a yelp as the main body of the book slipped out of her hand, and the cover came off in her hand. She stared at it dumbly while Varan cursed quietly. Sel’tier hissed in anger, and both of them snapped round to face him; the woman turned pale and held the cover up, as though to shield herself, “S-Sorry… It was an accident… I didn’t mean to…” Sel’tier stomped down the stairs and wrenched the cover from her hand, and snatched the book up off of the floor, he snapped at her, “Do not touch Sel’tierrr’s things!” He turned and darted back up the stairs. Varan stayed downstairs with the woman.

In the morning, Sel’tier came downstairs, like usual, for breakfast, to find the woman sat at the table, Varan had moved one of the wooden chairs from his study into the kitchen so she could sit down; she cowered as Sel’tier stalked into the room, taking his seat across from her, Varan was sat between them. “Sorry about your bo-“ She started, but he interrupted her, “It is fine.” He said shortly, picking at his food. The woman nodded quickly and stared down at her own plate. Varan looked between the two of them, before looking back at his own plate.

The meal proceeded silently, none of the three of them willing to speak, as they finished, the woman stood up and started collecting the plates, Sel’tier said nothing as she picked up his and carefully carried it to the sink. His ears twitched in annoyance at the sound of shattering ceramic, “S-Sorry! I…I just…” The woman stammered, staring at the ground, Varan looked at her, then said quietly, “Amy… Come here…” She flinched and slowly walked towards him, her head bowed. Sel’tier watched her as she approached Varan, all her muscles were tensed, she looked like she was about to try and run.

Once she was within arms reach, Varan carefully took hold of her and hugged her tightly, she gasped quietly, almost as shocked as if he had struck her. Sel’tier watched them for a moment, jealousy growing in his chest, before standing, and sweeping up the shards of plate.

Over the next few days, Sel’tier avoided Amy as much as possible, eating his meals at different times, and staying in his room for most of the light hours; the torn text book he set on his desk, trying to repair it, but the damage to the cover was too severe, with an enraged hiss, he flung it into a waste bin, and headed down to his lab.

Absorbing himself with the chemical reactions, he spent several hours secreted down in his lab, testing various reactions to see what was the most efficient. Once he had grown tired of this, he shut down the machines, and headed back up to his room, a quick glance along the corridors showed him that Amy wasn’t in sight. He slipped down the corridors and back up the stairs, pushing his door open.

He froze in the doorway; Amy was sat at his desk, asleep, with her head resting on the wood. He growled and stepped forwards, ready to shake her awake, but he paused again.

Next to Amy was the damaged textbook, taken out of the bin; neatly stitched onto the front was a new cover, plastic and card, with two pressed purple flowers set on the front. Sel’tier looked between Amy and the book; she had repaired it. Moving very carefully, Sel’tier picked Amy up, making sure not to wake her, he carried her back through the house, pushing open the door to her new room and setting her down on the bed. She murmured something as he set her down, and he looked at her for a long time, before leaving the room, turning the light off behind him.

And yes, before it's said, Sel'Tier is a bit of a twat.

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