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Hey guys, I had a really cool idea, You see I do some stuff as a hobby (no spoiling from me, hue) and I'm planning on making something really nice for everyone- I think the lore team will probably be the most excited of us all. I plan on delivering it as a Christmas present(No offense meant to non-Christians, just a friendly gesture here!) here on the general forums of the community- but I need some information about some things first, mainly requested from anyone who knows, probably from the lore team.

Anyhow- To make this happen I need a couple things.

1:I need a list of Every Inhabited System that we know of right now in game.

2:I need a list of Every different Political Government around at the moment- All of them. and what their type of government is (Socialism, fascism, democracy...etc.)

3. I need to know a list of all the races and what They are roughly based on culturally (I.E. Tajaran = Russian/Arabs)

4.Your help gathering all this information in one place- here in this thread.

And come December 25th at 2:00Pm (PST) If its all been gathered in time...hopefully. you guys will have a big surprise waiting for you here in the general section of the forums!

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