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Providence Foundation Logfile SK_9992AB

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Accela Legacy Database Decryptor v.9.1

Property of The Providence Foundation

Copyright 2448, 2458

All Rights Reserved



TGT FILE: .\adm\maintlogs\errarch\SK_9992AB

File encryption is: PRGNTR4096

Key strength minimum is: 4096

Job Status: In Progress, with errors

Segment Integrity: 89.02%



It's probably been a while, right?

I know that this isn't ideal. I wish I'd had the chance to see you, first. I wish that I could tell you↑↕R)`p(d+Fm happened this way face-to-face.

I guess 'ideal' has never been a circumstance of mine.

So, this will have to do, instead.

When you first looked up at night - I mean, really saw the sky - what did you see?

Heh, actually...maybe th*^tq=sëh'G}↕Çàè%tion. I guess what I would have really wanted to know is, what did you think you saw?

Do you remember?

When I was small, I used to think of it 'M1u$♦~unT. A big, black blanket to tuck us all in, and hide us from the sun.

Xæ/ùèYf7¢AGsj@År;èæ, even when it was cold. It made me feel hidden, and safe.

It made me feel like the whole world was dreaming. And in our dreams, we're whatever we want, right?

We lose that as we grow up. It's our fault, as much as it is the world's.

Maybe our beds get too small, or maybe our dreams lose their luster, or...maybe UOs3%ïuyëa-òäå=nthing we want to hide from, anymore. We stop being satisfied.


Home, the city, the planet...we were living our lives in bubbles inside of bubbles.

I wanted to pop them all. I think at the heart of everything, my desire was as simple as that. F,*ÅXKWæ9↑0HAOcovery. To dk:|5=gY↔iShè/he other side of the blanket. It was something I was so determined to do that I...think there's a good chance now that you'll never even hear this.

But I hope you do. +UoCNåzg

don't regret, I want to be able to say 'hello' and...maybe 'goodbye.'

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Now, I imagine that you don't know what's going on. Why I told you that. Or why it's here, in the archive of a server you don't have any business accessing.

That's fine. That's by desig^z3@f#}S5u)]zLm`F<>. I know why you're here.

I'd hoped you'd come here.

I can't speak for the others. htqS]68;[QR}kp'PlY, none of them have come as far as I have.

If you're listening to this now, that means things are coming together, where you are. And that story? That's one you've heard before.

Z"I=F^9:oF tF-H/(? o5 oon, there will come a moment where things click into place, and suddenly, it will all make sense.

...Or, perhaps it won't. That's a possibility, unfortunately. But in that case, you won't have to worry about anything.

It's best to think on what you alr7[AvWt/`S6#?ovdR,m

So then...

What do you know, about me?

Perhaps I'm just the strange voice in the logfile, on the Foundation's servers. Am I a stranger?

Or, do I sound familiar? Am I someone you know?

~u+1@Mr2%f3+t:dI(L&i-ax)- entire life?

I think that you alrea|07#F$*_F{P&[;q1w=0_;5trtant that you realize it here.

Because if you're listening to this, you'll be playing a pivotal role. One of the lucky ones, as it were.

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