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The Silvers Legacy, NanoTrasen Opposes Legal Will!

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Friday, November 13, 2457 - New Mendell, Biesel

Tensions were high at the reading of Katrina Silvers' will. The two major Artifical Inteligence programs, Katana and Kunai, were inherited by Karima Mo'Taki. This inheritance includes platform software, hardware, and monetary rights regarding the contract both of these AI personalities have with the NanoTrasen Corperation.

"On the note of the two synthetic platforms, the Katana project and Kunai, Nanotrasen fully intends to see that the lease contract concerning the two continues to remain active, even after the passing of Miss Silvers, who has our solemn condolences. If necessary, we are willing to utilize our legal department to ensure that this legitimate claim does not go unrecognized." A quote from Calvin Miller, Central Command Duty Officer for NanoTrasen aboard the NMSS Odin who we were able to get a statement from. Our sources indicate that several board members were upset that the company was not inheriting the valuable AI technology.

While Karima Mo'Taki was unavailable for questioning we did manage to get in touch with project leads who allowed Katana Silvers, the large AI program that has seen several uses in various hardware platforms, to give a statement. "Regardless of the contract, myself and my personal chassis were owned by Directorr Silvers, not NanoTrrasen. I will continue to work with NanoTrasen as long as they do not break their end of the contract. Karima is the most qualified to work with my systems, because of her extensive experience in my development."

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