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More Robots for More Fun


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Basic idea. There's a medibot that does a very basic job at healing people. There's cleanbots that do a very basic cleaning job. There's Floorbots, which does a basic job at engineering (by fixing breaches that don't involve walls). There MAY be the farmbot which does a basic job at farming? (According to Baystation wiki there is, at least. If there isn't on Aurora it should be a thing).

And so, here's a collection of robots that do a basic task at a variety of things.

Bagbots: When you can't be assed to collect the small things, Satchel's there to help

Comes in green and yellow variant, which respectively collects plants and ores within a radius. Used by botanists and miner to accelerate work (so that they don't have to stop and collect things - especially useful for miners). Must still be unloaded manually (make it grab-able like Runtime?). Stores same amount of resources as a normal bag (was it 28 or 35?)

Construction: Add robot arm to either Plant Bag or Ore Bag. Use pencil to name. Add camera, add micromanipulator x3.

Emagged: On top of normal function, starts throwing contents of bot at people, like a broken vending machine.

Boxbot: Need extra storage? Have a box, or two, that follows you.

Comes in a single variant, grey. Used by anyone who wants one to carry stuff - pretty much a walking box with a field where you can swipe your ID so that it follows anyone that's got your ID. Stores seven items of size small and below (or is it medium for boxes?)

Construction: Add robot leg to cardboard stack (unfolded box). Use pen to name bot. Add proximity sensor.

Emagged: Turns all of stored contents to slag, or just eats them.

Cratebot: Three functions to it. Collect stuff, store stuff, walk to places.

Comes in grey and white variants (crate and plastic crate). Used mostly by three parties: engineering to bring resources on EVA more easily, Cargo because no one ever returns the crates, and Xenoarcheology because it can be a hassle to collect objects. Interface allows setting 'home' (and telling crate to go back 'home') for automatic cargo returns, and collection setting can be toggled on and off. Holds a lot of stuff (crates can hold what, 70 individual items?)

Construction: Add robot endoskeleton to crate. Add four robot legs. Use pen to write name. Add proximity sensor and robot arm. (GPS?)

Emagged: Oh you all damn know what it does. Cratey's back!

Orebot: For maximum mining laziness efficiency.

Comes in a single variant, orebox. Used by Mining to collect ores automatically from Yellow Bagbot (or just to follow the miner around to not-have to pull an ore box). Can be put in front of the crate unloaders to unload just like a normal orebox. Holds a thousand ore.

Construction: Add robot endoskeleton to ore box. Add six robot legs. Add robot arm. Name with pen. Add proximity sensor.

Emagged: When trying to shut it down, instead of shutting down it turns hostile, running into people (knocking them over) and teabagging them to death.

Newsbot: Because journalism isn't the same when you struggle to find camera film.

Comes in a single variant. Used by journalisms to slander the IAAs and HoP do journalism on-the-go. Comes with a Digital Camera which can take two pictures before needing to be inserted again in the bot. Robot has internal photo storage (similar to AI) and is a walking newscaster.

Construction: Add robot leg to binary communication board. Write name with pen. Add robot camera.

Emagged: Turns the camera flash to 11. As in, turns the camera into a literal flash to incapacitate people.

Extinguishbot: because fire and slimes suck

Comes in a single variant. Used by engineers to put out small fires (is not actually fireproof) and by xenobiologists to kill a large amount of slimes at once (is not actually armored). Either function can be toggled on and off. Needs to be refilled periodically.

Construction:Add robot arm to extinguisher. Add emergency-sized oxygen tank (can be made from an autolathe). Name with pen. Add proximity sensor.

Emagged: Was hesitating between 'extinguish people until they freeze' and 'make things so much worse by outputting oxygen into fires'. Thoughts?

Eyebot: Because the AI only has so many borgs it can spare OR security needs eyes.

Comes in a single variant. Used by AI to grant visibility to places with low camera coverage. AI-accessible interface to toggle light on OR to send bot to specific rooms via maintenance (which can also be used to force it to go through certain maintenance halls). Observable through security cameras. Has either GPS tracker or suit-style tracker.

Construction: Add micromanipulator to robot camera. Write name with pen. Add binary communication device, then add metal.

Emagged: Several options. If we want to make it better for antags to use, gives Eyebot X-Ray vision. If we want to make it less useful to security for antags to get away from, make it short-sighted (like welder masks or people who need glasses) or make it have the foggy overlay of half-consciousness. If we want to make it more fun, either allows toggling or simply disables location tracking (which also prevents AI from seeing what it sees outside of the security consoles - otherwise it's too easy to pinpoint locations), AND allows broadcasting on the various TVs across the station (which show two empty places right now). (Picture this. Nukeops - the operatives got some hostages on the ship. They emagged (or didn't) an eyebot, and at the very least made it stop moving and brought it to their ship. And now, they're broadcasting LIVE to Security (and possibly anyone who's watching TV) the fact that they do, in fact, have hostages. And if the station is non-compliant? Well, sounds like a public execution is in order.)

Any further ideas?

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I hesitate to make a robot that's specifically armed to be hostile with a weapon because then it gets hard to balance it's emagged properties with it's usefulness. And the purpose, here, was not specifically to make certain events invalid (all of them are used for a rather specific, previsible task and make it easier - the eyebot only sees things but isn't universal, the carrierbots can only automate certain things, the extinguishbot would still need assistance). I'd much rather have player-controlled characters do the things that involve weapons.

Also, it'd need to be tested - but technically speaking, there IS already a robot that may be able to do that. ED-209 - the upgraded security borg - has a long-range taser (that turns deadly when emagged). I'll need to check if it can kill carp...

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Hmm... I think zuhayr and company were planning on building a generic behavior tree system for AI's. I wonder if they ever finished it.

It was less me and company and more three separate Baydevs working on it. Nothing came of it yet afaik. I'm probably going to revive the project for Europa eventually.

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