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WANTED! Story tips!

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Hello Tau Ceti!

Craig Langerson here, a freelance reporter stationed aboard the NSS Aurora! Looking for a scoop is hard, so I'm offering rewards! 20-100 credits for tips that lead me to a great story! The credits depend on the outcome, but the base pay is 20 even if I can't get much out of it, provided it's not a lie. After the tip is given it'll be recorded here in the public network. There's an option for making your tip anonymous, semi-anonymous, or public. If you have a tip and don't care about the credits, completely anonymous removes you completely. Semi-anonymous tells me who you are so you can be paid but hides that info from the galaxy at large, and pblic is for those of you who don't care to hide! Either way, let me know and I'll start looking for the news! You will be sent 20 credits for your tip, provided it seems legit. From there, if it's good, more credits will be sent your way. By entering your tip you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the service.

Please include names of all relevent personel and typical times for their shifts, if able. I can't pay for information that I'm unable to use.


The terms and conditions page shows basic information about the service and includes a clause for return of the payment if the tip turns out to be false or if some form of fraud was commited, with the additional option for Craig to sue anyone commiting fraud.

((Until we get an economy, all tips are assumed paid. If the economy thing exists real payments will be made. Beyond that, You can post the tip here or PM it to me to remain anonymous. Up to you how you want to do so.))

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