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Frances' loredev Editor Application

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Ckey/BYOND Username: FFrances

Position Being Applied For: Editor, Species caretaker? (I'm just saying if nobody feels passionate about doing Skrell lore I'd be glad to take a look at them)

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I worked with Jackboot before. Wrote some old pages for the wiki (that were never used). As of a few hours ago, I'm also famous for having failed my creative writing class.

Examples of Past Work: Proposed example of "quickstart" guides for alien species, basically a page which quickly sums up important info about alien races for people who can't be bothered to read the wiki pages (that seems to be most people tbh haha)

Old wiki page I did that was never used (I even drew art for it, though it was a while ago)

Preferred Mode of Communication: PM or Pager

Additional Comments: desu

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

That wiki page is great. It's now the wiki page for Tau Ceti, and it will just take some small editing to bring it up to date with the current lore.

Your work is fantastic and you have a clear investment in the lore and the direction that it's been taking since my tenure as loremaster began. You're good at spotting trouble areas of the wiki, as well as providing valuable feedback on how to make areas of the wiki and lore in general more accessible or enjoyable for players.

I don't want to just "dump" the Skrell on anyone. Every race should ideally have an overseer that has a special investment in their status and progress, so if there are no glaring objections, I would be happy to bring you on as a general editor and developer, but save the Skrell work for someone with the desire.

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I also don't want to take the Skrell "just because someone has to do it." I'd actually be quite interested in writing lore for a race (though creative writing isn't my strong suit, I think I can actually manage with storytelling and helping integrate the race into the game/into roleplay), it's just that I never really considered being in that position until I learned of Tool's departure a few days ago.

I keep thinking of Crescentise, whose application was turned down despite just how enthused she was about working on the race. I know she no longer players on the server, but if there's anyone else who feels like that (and meets the right qualifications) I'd much rather leave them the place. Let more people in on the fun, you know?

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