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Airlock technology consistency


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So. I discovered something recently.

By laying down on conveyors, players can go through plastic flaps, like cargo. And it's a LOT faster than any airlock.

So what I suggest is three methods of consolidating the airlock tech.

One: Change ALL airtight airlocks to a flap format that people can go through while walking to save time on pressurization issues. Would make sense to me as apparently we already have the tech for airtight plastic flaps.

Two: Make the plastic flaps not-airtight, requiring an airlock regardless - because if they're anything like today's plastic flaps, they're DEFINITELY not airtight.

Three: Instead of cycling air in and out, install a pneumatic tube system (like Research's) at every airlock, and allow their construction. Saves on time by not needing pressurization, short tunnels ensure that they WILL in fact be there more than once in a blue moon, and it only allows people through - meaning that flaps and airlocks themselves are still useful for cargo.


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There are two types of flaps, airtight and regular. Airtight flaps are basically the handwave magic solution for allowing miner's/researcher's to use the ore lifts. I'd advise replacing them, maybe with something like a forcefield? Regular flaps, which are found everywhere else, are not airtight.

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