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Chew Z, the actually fun drug.


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Recently, there had been a discussion going on somewhere regarding "non-antag" mischief-doers, and one of the popular topics was the distribution of drugs aboard the station, which apparently does have its charm for a decent number of people, but isn't properly estabilished.

I think this might have to do with the not-all-that exciting effects of the space-drugs available, and would hence like to suggest blatantly ripping-off Philip Dick's Chew Z.

How would that work?

The idea goes like this; the charm of Chew Z is both in its incredible potential as means of escaping reality, as well as in the fact that the experience can literally be shared with other users.

Upon taking the drug, the users leave their bodies and find themselves in another place entirely; for our purpouses it should be some kind of a nice, soothing, Earth-like scenery.

In case it's not clear already, all the users, whether taking the drug together or independently, ascend to the same place, where they can interact with each other.

While under the influence, their 'real' body would behave similarly to that of SSDs, with addition of some giveaway affects, let's say a foam at the mouth or something of the kind.

Why am I suggesting such mechanisms?

Fairly simple - as it is, there is really little point to taking drugs in the game.

This, on the other hand, /could/ be fairly desirable, both IC-wise for characters wishing to get away from their life on the station (there are great many of those) and, my favourite point, by all the couples aboard that struggle to have their sweet moments.

By offering a short-term escape into another, much more pleasant reality where nobody can reach them, I believe the Chew Z could find its user much more easily.

The "frosting on a cake"

Aside from this being illegal activity that the Security would, naturally, be trying to surpress (and the medical staff taking people for detox for), I imagine it would be great if the length of the experience was connected with the quantity of the drug taken, hence making it possible for the user to go too far and remain trapped in his collective dream world - in which case, a help of another individual would be required "from the inside", hence forcing the doctors to undergo the experience, themselves... or something of the kind.

It could also be that the over-dosed user would experience traumatic/creepy as balls hallucinations in the dream world in which he would be forced to stay.

Other potential

At the odd chance that this actually passes, an event could be coming off this that would require one or two antagonists - somebody to ensure the distribution of the drug aboard, and somebody to haunt the dreamscape, capable of manipulating it to this or that degree (spawning mobs, perhaps?); possibly, it could even be one person with the power to switch between the two at his will.

Such "Eldritch" antagonist's goal would be simple; to eventually trap everybody on the station in his realm, over which he has power.

(possibly, he could be able to "break" the people down in his realm and turn them into his minions, much like with cultists and such - then release them to further distribute the drug, slip it into people's drink etc etc.)

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This sounds more like an event then something that would happen every round.


Well, the drug could be used for the RP purpouses every round - for some people to get some "time for themselves", most likely for ERP purpouses, and in turn for security and medical to deal with them. Or so I imagine.

But even as an event, I think it could be a decent one.

Whether it would be worth the effort, well, that's not for me to decide.

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