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Temporary lock down the Suggestions & Ideas subforum


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I've been thinking.

Our coders already have a backlog of features and changes to do, and most of the threads put in here just end up being forgotten into oblivion.

So what I suggest is that until we can either clear the backlog or find enough coders to make considering ideas worthwile, we lock down the Suggestions and Ideas sub-forum, and archive all threads currently active.

Any suggestion that doesn't require code could be posted in the Lore Canonization sub-forum.


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This is incredibly meta.

Anyway, the suggestions subforum has about 30 pages worth of threads. I think it has evolved far past a list of things coders need to go through and evaluate as "will implement/will not implement", but is rather a pool that they may feel free to draw ideas from at anytime.

In this case, I don't see the need to disable it. I don't think we will ever be able to get through all the backlog anyway :(

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Sprites is still server work related unless they're provided (and even then generally sprites are useless without the code that calls to them). Rule questions can go in general questions, lore related can go in Lore Canonization Applications.

And I personally take offense at saying clowns don't require action >:c

But yeah. That's the gist of it. I was just throwing it out there - for what doesn't need any actual server code change, there's other subforums for it.

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