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Lore Questions Changes

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Hello everyone. I'm the new "Player Lore Manager" (basically, I both manage lore canonizations and scour the questions to make sure they're answered).

There's going to be a few changes:

-Hopefully, MUCH faster response time for most things. I'll be working towards that.

-Clearing backlogs - if you had previously made a thread and weren't satisfied, check out the Answered Questions subforums - I've already been massively clearing house, and so most of the questions have been answered.

-More flexibility and openness. If you feel that a question hasn't been answered appropriately, let me know - I'll unlock the thread, if needed, and poke the relevant lorepeople about it.

-Canonization clarity - Basically, once I'm done clearing the backlog (and handling the Canonization apps), I'll be working on going through all answered threads and adding that information to the Wiki.

But yes - hello!

TL;DR: Hey. I'm the new guy managing this. PM me if there's anything wrong. Also shit's getting archived if it's answered so look more on them threads.

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