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Ihintza: The Early Life


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"Ihintza, darling. Come here." Rang out the smooth, smoke-laced voice of William Livingstone. He sat in his private study, a burnt-out cigar mashed into a glass ash tray to the right side of his arm chair on top a beautiful wooden table.

Obediently, Ihintza stands up and gives her sisters a peck on the head each, leaving them to play with the toys. She walks across the wooden platform above her father and his business associate, and descends the winding steps. She stands before them both, bathed in the light of the fire from the fireplace. She's wearing a black, form-fitting catsuit with light padding all over it. As instructed by her father, she knew she'd have to demonstrate herself in some way.

"She does look menacing, even at such a young age." A man in a navy-blue suit sitting across from William observed, scratching the beginnings of his beard. His eyes roved over her body, nodding at the bulges in her arms. William looked pleased. "She turned twelve just last week, and is already the star pupil in her studies. Aren't you, sweetheart?" Ihintza nodded, not bothering to verbally strengthen her commitment in school.

William adjusted in his seat, fixing his red tie in his black business suit. He nods towards the blue-suited man. "Charlie, let me tell you. My girl's the prize of my life. My shining jewel. I want you to make my jewel radiant, into the diamond she's destined to be. There's a folder underneath the doily, I want you to take a look at it." Nodding, Charlie looks to his left, and removes the file from beneath the doily. He opens it, and reads down the papers inside. They're nothing but tests from a private school, notes and assignments alike, though with such high marks, Charlie was beginning to see exactly why he'd been asked to view it. He sets the folder back down.

"William, I understand why you're trying to push so hard for her. I have children of my own, I know what it's like to make them want to be the best they can be. But at such a young age...don't you think it's unethical to put her through our programs at Ocitox?" William stared at him, the blue of Charlie's suit being conflicted by the warm licks of the fire. "I don't. The earlier she starts, the better. My Ihintza's never been one to turn down a challenge, she'll push herself as hard as she can to do this. You know how much she wants this, Charlie. Not only are your programs the beginning of every Great's career, I just don't trust anyone else with her. You're an utter master in your field, and you know what you're doing on any given day. If she goes with you, I know I'll get what I'm paying for. And...coming to the topic of money...I'll pay whatever price need be." William reaches inside his breast pocket, and slowly reveals a credit chip, the exact amount unknown.

Charlie sets his lips together and sighs, shaking his head slowly. He takes one last glance over at Ihintza, who would be patiently waiting in the same position as before. She looked expectantly towards him. Somehow, with the reflection of the fire in her eyes, Charlie perceived it as not a reflection at all. More of a literal ambition to burn as brightly as a star.

"...Alright William, you silver-tongued bastard. She starts the Monday of next week."

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