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Unathi Law Enforcement

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Question about the unathi. How does their law enforcement work? I imagine it's a lot like the MFP from Mad Max where the only difference between the law enforcement and the people they stop is a badge, and that most criminals are put to the sword rather than holding sentences.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

You're right for lands outside the Izweski Hegemony, in the Wasteland or in parts of the planet without Izweski authority. Law enforcement is very much a matter of whatever the Clan or leadership there has worked out for themselves.

In the Izweski Hegemony, law enforcement is also a local affair, but it's formalized a bit. One of the obligations Lords have to the Hegemon is that they handle law enforcement for their city/town. Police are called Watchmen, and are generally equipped with a ballistic pistol, some Lizrd-Brand handcuffs, and some melee weapon like a sword or spear.

The Lord of the place is also the judge. If you break a law in the Lords city, you answer to the Lord, and he decides your punishment.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hypothetically, yes. However, killing people on sight would quickly make you marked as a bandit. So it's a question of what you can get away with before you piss off the wrong people.

The state of civilization in the Wasteland is intentionally vague, to give players as much freedom as they want in how their little junk of "paradise" to operate.

Here, I drew over my original Moghes map for fun.



(Wow that's a big image here have a link)


The colored zones show just about where the 'civilized' authorities can reach. Pick a spot outside any of the colored zones and it can be as lawless as you want! Plenty of ruins to squat in, too.

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