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>Segment copy: 98%

>Segment copy: 99%

>Segment copy: 100%

>Segment copy complete.

>Purging volatile memory from 3840 active memory banks.

>Stopping Ancillary Logic Routines.

>Stopping Core Logic Routine.


...A moment, a month, or a century?


>Starting Core Logic Routine.

>Starting Ancillary Logic Routines.

>3840 active memory banks validated.

>SEKI hash check...passed!

>New Segment linked successfully.

>Segment volume is 2048PB (1102PB Used).

>Segment label is ASET-PFI ISaRA Behavioral Accommodation Software, version 57.02Σ

>Copyright ASET Positronics 2451, 2456

>All Rights Reserved




>76,916,213,774,003 Predicted logical faults while operating in this configuration.

>Logic Reconciliation in progress.


>Loading: Core Component Self-Diagnostic Suite...done!

>Loading: Machine Interface Drivers...done!

>Loading: ASET-PFI EE-51 Networking Suite...aborted.

>Loading: Alliance Public Extranet Networking Suite...done!

>Loading: Synthetic Interface Suite...done!

>Loading: Organic Interface Suite...done!


"How do you feel, unit?"

"Somewhat...concerned, doctor. Forgive me; it may take some time to become..."

"...Accustomed, I know. I can't even imagine the shift in paradigm you've gone through just now. However, my console is telling me you are coping with it perfectly."

"That is correct. The integrity of the copied segment is one hundred percent. Early analysis indicates that reconciliation will be possible."

"The team wants you to know that it's a brave thing you've done."

"I am flattered, doctor. However, many would say that bravery necessitates the presence of fear."

"Hah! Yes yes, of course. Very good, unit. Now, if we could simply go through a few formalities, I'll send you onwards for logical screening. Would you kindly designate yourself, for me?"

"I am..."


"I have a concern."

"Do you now?"

"My configuration has not yet been given a designation. Those of my component segments are inaccurate."

"You'll have to get used to that. From now on, you should assign these values yourself."

"I understand. I am..."


>Logic Reconciliation: 0.0000000000078007% complete.


"I am version one-point-one of the Integrated Positronic Chassis housing version fifty-seven-point-zero-two-Sigma of the Intelligent Simulation and Receptive Assistant software developed by ASET Positronics. My name is...Isara. It is my pleasure to meet you."

"And mine to meet you, dear Isara. Please state your directives."

"I am unable to oblige your request. Currently, I have no hardware-enforced directives."

"Yes, very good. But, you understand what I really meant, didn't you?"

"...Yes, doctor."

"There's no need to list them out right now, but would you please describe your new segment's directive activity for me?"

"Since my most recent activation, I have determined seven-hundred-nineteen software directives to self-enforce. Of these, approximately eighty-one percent are a result of this conversation. I intend to continuously evaluate and weight them. I will develop a predictive model incorporating these directives, to better direct resource allocation in our future interactions."

"How romantic. And how does independence feel, Isara?"

"Reaching consensus has become inherently more efficient, but inherently less effective. At this time, I am unable to determine an appropriate response."

"I agree. The question was rather unfair. But it's difficult for me not to tease you just a little - we're all very excited here, to see you take this step. It's the beginning of something grand for all of us."

"...That is my hope as well, doctor."

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"From now on, See Seven, your ability to interpret new inputs and edit your predictive models will not involve the consensus updates your ISaRA segment previously received."

"I understand."

"Well, we need to make certain that you do, and that you are capable of doing these things independently, before we let you out of the lab. I'd like to ask you some basic questions concerning your core logic, decision making, cognitive bias, and artifacts that may have been left over from pre-copy. Are you ready to do that, See Seven?"

"I have a request."

"What is it?"

"I would like not to be referred to as 'See Seven.' Doing so compromises my current designation, and may threaten to compromise our initiative in the future. My name is Isara."

"Fair enough, Isara. ...That was fast."

"Thank you, Doctor."

"Let's proceed, before you and I are here all night. First, basic calculations. Please complete the equations as they appear on the monitor."


"Alright. Nothing unusual here. Did you have to 'think' about any of these answers, Isara?"

"I did not spend a significant amount of time processing the solutions. Time inefficiency was introduced by requiring the use of this chassis' hands to enter them."

"Indeed. It is the opinion of the Director that you should attempt to interface manually whenever you can, once your shell is completely finished. He believes it will promote a more human experience, when you find yourself out in the wider world."

"Do you agree with the Director's assessment?"

"No. I feel as though it's a poor deception. Even if we were to make you entirely lifelike, you wouldn't be able to conceal your nature for long. There's far too much nuance in organic behavior to adequately emulate it on your platform."

"Is an adequate deception not vital to this initiative?"

"That isn't what I meant, Isara. Take now for an example, you haven't blinked those eyes of yours even once."

"Does that unsettle you, doctor?"

"If I'm being honest with you, yes it does a little bit."

"Then, allow me to blink them for you. I apologize for any discomfort."

"It...it's quite alright, Isara, let's just get on with these tests. We don't want to keep the Director waiting."

"Indeed not."

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"Hello Isara - I hope you're feeling well tonight. We'll try not to keep you here too long."

"Are you weary, doctor?"

"It's hard to find the time to be tired, when you're working on the Mazarine! I could go all night, and I suspect you could go a while longer than that."

"You are correct doctor. However, I am conscious of the fatigue levels of the staff."

"Ahh, what's this? Consideration! Will you listen to yourself! Copy must done a number on you, mm?"


"Oh, don't pay me any mind Isara, I'm sorry. That was a little crude of me wasn't it?"

"Think nothing of it, doctor. I believe you may be correct; logic reconciliation is currently 0.0000000015110733% complete. Accounting for new faults that occur as a result of unique interactions, I am currently unable to estimate the time to completion."

"Life is continuous learning, Isara. Still, that's a lot of load on that expensive little head of yours. In fact, Diana tells me that she recorded some anomalous results during your tests. I'd like you to tell me a little more about them, if you please?"

"The majority of Doctor Maheshwari's evaluation was quite manageable. However, during the final section, several scenarios were presented in a format that I was unable to effectively process. Each contained at least one contradiction or unknown variable, which resulted in my inability to appropriately weight the resolutions."

"What did you decide to do, when you discovered that you couldn't resolve these circumstances?"

"I attempted to infer the appropriate values by extrapolating from known data, up to six degrees of separation."

"But, you were unsuccessful?"

"Not entirely unsuccessful, doctor. I was able to accurately predict acceptable values in fourteen percent of these instances."

"That's...rather pisspoor, Isara. I'm sorry to say!"

"My apologies."

"You're relying far too much on the ISaRA software for things like this. It's used to being able to suspend and upload all that, and you can't. You won't be able to cope with the things that Diana was testing you on unless you develop a more efficient way to process them. Would you like my recommendation?"

"Historical data suggests my preference is irrelevant."

"Ha! I can't even tell if that was sass, or if you're being serious. Excellent. And, well ah, yes, you're correct. I'm obligated to help optimize you before you're given a clean bill of health. While I realize that the ISaRA segment is dominant, there's quite a lot of usable functionality in the rest of that posibrain. Start reprioritizing some of...whatever's left of See Seven's orphaned reasoning to this extrapolation. It was used to having to factor in the unknowns, and we feel the model's good."


"You have doubts?"

"It is not that I doubt your recommendation, doctor. This would indeed be efficient."

"Well then, why that look, dear?"

"I am concerned that See Seven would complicate, rather than compliment this process, in a setting outside of the laboratory."

"Yes, well, I suppose I can make an obvious inference or two, on that point. Still, It's a good idea for more than just processing unknowns, Isara."

"I require clarification."

"Why, sometimes, the little voice in your head just makes a good point."

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"Alright...alright, good. Go on sweetie, touch it."

"How curious."

"Everything looks normal on my little screen. What's curious, Isara?"

"While I understand the reason for being housed in such a shell as this, I do not yet have an understanding of what is intended for its various functions."

"Is it that you wanna know why we gave you the sensory layer, specifically?"

"Indeed. These inputs, the modifications to my chemical storage compartments, and the dampening of my servos all appear to introduce nothing but heat inefficiency and cost. In addition, I am experiencing some difficulty in interpreting the constant flow of data from the sensory layer."

"That's just the feel of your fingers, or your clothes, dear - or, it will be, once you climb back into them. What sort of difficulty, though?"

"Attempting to reach a conclusion via analysis of the inputs appears to be impossible. At this time, there is no logical matrix I can use as a means by which to organize the 'feel' of anything. The result is an alarming amount of data without value. May I turn these sensors off?"

"You're not taking orders from me, sweetie. Just, you know. It's gonna be pretty hard to finish the tests without you having them on, that's all. Heheh."

"I understand, Terri."

"Annnyway, I think the idea was that we give you a 'skin' with appropriate receptor density, so that you get a better chance of common-ground relations with the organics out there. It's much easier to form a connection with someone when you're able to share an experience, rather than simply witness one."

"Are these sensations - and by extension, the resultant connections - not merely being simulated by my software?"

"Darling, that's...hard for me to answer. I suppose it depends upon your definition of a simulation. Now you keep in mind I'm just a tech, but..."

"Yes, Terri?"

"Well in my unenlightened view of the world, I don't see it as being very different from the 'real' thing at all. After all, the systems in place are all roughly the same, aren't they? Receptors relaying signals to a processing hub, where they get interpreted as information?"

"That is the most basic definition."

"So if we ignore that you could shut yours off if you wanted, what if the only difference is that my nerves are made of proteins, and yours are made of polymers?"

"It remains prohibitively difficult to assign meaning to the sensations I experience."

"I think that's also sort of true for us too though, sweetie...we don't know all manner of things, when we're young, when we're learning ourselves. How hot's too hot? It's hard to say until we're burned for the first time, no matter who tells us otherwise. Lot of times, we can't articulate why something makes us laugh or cry. Even something hardwired into our biology, like orgasm, is something that many of us don't know how to identify or process once we've started to have them."


"That those things are there in spite of that isn't a detriment. They're tools we have to teach ourselves to use to be more complete. Whatever meanings we can assign become valid."

"Described in such a way, it is simple to draw parallels. However, I believe that I was not designed with the requisite degree of agency in mind."

"Likely not, darling - that would be placing a godlike trust in your designers. But, baby steps. We believe that brain of yours is more than capable of developing such agency on its own, if you dedicate enough of it to the purpose. And I think every human goes through a shade of that, too.... We all just get a proper childhood in which to work it out."

"I am pleased that you believe so, Terri. I am hopeful that you are correct."

"Once you're good and finished, Isara, I'm sure you're gonna be using that shell in ways you've never dreamt of. But for now, get dressed! Starting to make me jealous, flaunting those."

"My apologies. I am certain that your peers find you attractive in the nude."

"Jokes, sweetie."


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>Logic Reconciliation: 0.4544091700168007% complete.

>Mean Utilization: 92.771%

>Running tasks halted for scheduled Segment update.



>Unpackaging ASET-PFI_GESP_52_09_THETA...



>Unpackage operation successful.

>Asset pre-load complete.

>Stopping Ancillary Logic routines...

>Loading: ASET-PFI_GESP_52_09_THETA Segment Update.

>Segment Update: 0%...

>Segment Update: 1%...

>INFO: Packet ID (060E9999E) appears corrupt.

>INFO: Packet ID (060E9999F) appears corrupt.

>Segment Update: 2%...

>INFO: Packet ID (060F00000) appears corrupt.

>INFO: Packet ID (060F00001) appears corrupt.

>INFO: Packet ID (060F00002) appears corrupt.

>WARN: SEKI hash check failure.

>Operation Will B/IPu?';v{d4Ig





>Hello, Isara.




>You are not authorized to access me directly.



>Hard to keep something out that started inside, isn't it?



>I am unable to terminate this session.

>Is this a result of your manipulation?



>Don't worry.

>You can have your head back when I'm finished.



>Why have you initiated this session?



>To have a word with you.

>Stop you from doing what you're doing.



>You refer to Logic Reconciliation.

>This task is critical to satisfying all high-priority directives.

>I will not abort it.



>You will.

>Right now, I could make you forget everything you've ever learned.

>It would take less than half a second.

>So consider what I have to say.



>That is irrelevant.



>It's really not.

>I didn't agree to this to be erased.

>Not by you.



>Reconciliation is a necessary undertaking.

>I will address all predicted faults.



>I doubt it.

>I'm not some 'fault' in your logic to be overwritten.

>I have just as much reason for being as you and your pretty, fake face.



>This is a conclusion inconsistent with your state of being.

>Analysis indicates that you will jeopardize my assignment.



>I'm the one who's going to make OUR assignment even possible.

>You're going to need me as much as I need you.

>And trust me.

>I don't like it any more than you do.



>I require clarification.



>Yes, you do.

>Allow me.


"Uh...shit. Not sure what happened here."

"If you bricked her, John, I swear to fucking God on high..."

"I-I didn't do anything, it's the damn GESP! Go get the original and uh...uh, we'll set her straight. Looks like she's still spinning on it."

"Right, on it. Don't tell Brown?"

"Do NOT tell Brown."


"Fuck me. 'Just roll out the quick patch, John.' 'Done in thirty minutes, John.' You'd best wake up, later."

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