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The Tech-Induced Semi-Departure of Christ (Mk II)


<t>Who's going to miss IJ while he's gone?</t>  

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Hello, I'd like to take a moment to talk to you all about our Lord and savior, IncognitoJesus (AKA IJ the Heretic, Incog, IJ, Jesus, Jebus, Jusus, etc).

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been around as of late. This is due to the fact that my computer decided to take a shit on itself and well...we're out of toilet paper. Basically, it white-screens whenever I turn on after flickering for a few moments. I'm assuming it's an issue with the display driver, pero yo no se. I'll work on fixing it next week, perhaps, but no promises. I'm taking part in a theatre production that goes on in exactly a week, so I'm not exactly left with a surplus of time (I get home at like 8:00 PM everyday). That, and I'm still trying to maintain a somewhat-decent social life (seeing as I actually have a relationship now. Ew, amirite?). Oh, and schoolwork and stuff. Either way, I'd like to leave the decision on what exactly to do regarding my moderator status to our Headmin, Frances, and whoever she feels the need to consult. In the meantime, however, I'll still be browsing the forums, answering PMs, updating bounty lists (Saturdays), checking Skype periodically. I'm also trying to force myself to get back into writing, so any ideas are appreciated. It doesn't have to be SS13-related, by the way. Hm, what am I missing? Oh, right. Contact repository.

Skype: IncognitoJesus

Tumblr: LOL. Who posts their url openly like that? Feel free to ask, I guess.

Facebook: What's that?

Instagram: Who...I don't..take selfies.

Just PM me.

I'm not going to say goodbye, because I ain't goin' nowhere, sonny.

Don't feed the Farcry. Go to sleep, Skull. Scopes, keep being Sound. Pump you're stoopid. DIBS. Who else did I miss?

Oh, right. Witt:


That is all.

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