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  1. Against the singularity engine yes. Not entirely sure about the SM
  2. I'd prefer the SM at this point. No need to change the engine yet again
  3. I'm just going to note that the stealth module drains the cell at 100 energy a second. So this is really only an issue when admins use it for stealth events.
  4. They're differing levels of pay within the same job. They'd depend on how much experience as a whole you have in that field, and specifically how long you've worked for NT
  5. 1. Wrong board, moving this to the lore questions thread as this is a question regarding lore. 2. The oath Xander quoted (afaik) is from baystation 12 and is not 100% ICly binding. It may or may not even exist in our lore. So until a member of the lore team confirms it, there's really no point in critiquing an oath that doesn't apply to us.
  6. Yeah. There's always been a join link on the forums which is pretty visible. It's literally right at the top, you have to scroll right past it to get to anything
  7. OKAY So. Any extended round and everything in it (non-event) can be remembered as "Canon" to your characters. Any non-antag interaction in an Antag round can be remembered as "Canon" to your character. I.E. If Bob the antag tells you he kills people for a living you CANNOT remember that, but if you have a conversation with Sally the doctor in that same round that involves cookies and other non-antag things you CAN remember that Beside that, there are special "Canon" rounds where EVERYTHING in them is canon including antag actions. These make actual differences in the universe and will affect the lore.
  8. While it might be unfortunate for some players. The "Homosexuality is openly accepted by everyone. No one has a problem with it" thing just kinda seemed forced. It really just didn't fit with the traditionalism of the Tajaran (Though ik there's been a recent surge of pseudo-communism kinda) and I honestly just think it added to the "Fucking Furries" thing that some people have against Tajarans. But yeah, we've established that most Tajarans on the station aren't exactly traditional. So I doubt this will actually affect much ICly. Also I'm editing the title to better fit the thing being discussed
  9. https://wiki.baystation12.net/Guide_to_Construction Cut the grille, step into the hole, create a window with a sheet of glass, create a grille with rods, step out of the hole, rotate the glass to cover the gap and then screw/crowbar it into place.
  10. That's not an appropriate response to your own appeal at all. If you are incapable of understanding staff responses to your appeal, there's no point in appealing. This is not how appeals work. You don't get this appeal accepted and THEN show us that you've met the conditions for the appeal to be accepted. You have to display adequate evidence that you have improved This is a fallacious and childish response to legitimate critique. While I am NOT a geneticist, nor have I ever claimed to be such, I do have a adequate grasp of genetics due to my personal experience with hereditary medical conditions. Huntington's disease for instance (A serious terminal illness) is caused by a SINGLE genetic defect. This is a disease that utterly destroys your nervous system, and it takes but ONE gene being defective. So, spicing in thousands upon thousands of genes. Yeah, that's going to get bad reaaaaal quick. There is a meaningful difference between "Bashing" and critiquing. Bashing would be me going "YOU FUCKING SUCK". Critiquing is me telling you that your flavor text is flawed in a polite manner, which I honestly believe I have done. It's at this point that I am rejecting this appeal. I have told you that this is something that directly conflicts with established lore and the style of the universe, I have suggested how you might change Seon to still integrate some measure of genetic modification and you have stubbornly refused. The Aurora Universe will not be altered simply to allow you to create a character of unreasonable, unbelievable genetic modification. Appeal Denied.
  11. Below is an an EXTENSIVE list of player's suggestions, which really. Go far beyond "Don't bring her back". The suggestion "Don't bring her back" is likely rooted in your complete apathy for reforming Seon. Honestly, you are becoming intensely frustrating to me as you claim to be improving Seon/your other characters, while simultaneously refusing to alter them in any way, shape or form. Lets. Yes, it was marked as being markedly inappropriate and generally disgusting (As it went to in-depth detail about Seon's pubic hair). And while you seem so fond of "Mostly by you" and "Only you think that" in conversations with me. I at first failed to even notice this, it was originally brought up by Tishinastalker (If I recall correctly), and was commented upon after Tish had brought it up by Tainaiva and Teneza (Again if I recall correctly) both in a decidedly negative light. I believe the words "I almost threw up" were REPEATEDLY said by multiple parties. If you go through the "Seon-Rin what do you think of her?" thread, you'll find a dozen+ comments that mirror this. Then you have utterly failed at showing us. There's no link to your new flavor text, no list of changes and no promise of "I fixed it!" just "Oh yeah, I changed things!" Well....yeah. She was 17 (Originally) though you later brought it up to 19, had never attended any sort of education and was somehow working as a security cadet, security officer, Assistant,Geneticist, Lab Assistant,Scientist oh and she also had extensive engineering/martial arts knowledge "Because she was taught by her father". You later amended her to having attended a school (Who's name is in Hangul alphabet for some reason) and had her attending a university (Though still failed to mention what she was studying). I'm going to expand on this, for any members of our community that have missed out on the "antics" of Seon-Rin. She has, been arrested (Probably 100+ times and almost always when Meta is NOT an antag), She has sexually assaulted a crewmember (One of Xelnaga's, quoted above), refused Duty Officer orders to take medication for her significant psychological/physiological problems, has 'flashed' crewmembers by lifting up her skirt in Public (Seriously, who does this?), pulled a knife on someone for slapping her (Again, when not an antag), has forced characters to kiss her, along with several other incidents that I'm not going to mention, I think everyone gets the picture. Show us. You are just spouting words at this point with no evidence to back it up, and after several empty promises to "fix" Seon. You'll find that words without evidence at this point carry very little weight. This is the BIGGEST issue. I'm going to quote your records to avoid having to explain it myself "2438 - Was genetically modified in the womb before birth, reasons are unknown. DNA was infused with various creatures DNA the procedure is highly illegal. Due to the slight failure of the procedure it was attempted to be reversed 2 years after birth and only 12.34% of the effects were corrected but interesting features are still manifesting." This breaks the lore of our established universe. A human being CANNOT be infused with significant quantities of animal/alien DNA/genes and still retain any level of functioning biology. If this TRULY occurred as it would 'true to lore' then Seon would either A. be lying in a grave somewhere from massive genetic damage from this procedure, or B. Be lying in a hospital bed, drooling all over herself as the genetic damage would've caused horrific and unknowable implications on her personality, appearance and the function of her body. This seems the part that you are INSISTENT upon retaining, but this is the part that you CAN'T retain, this simply conflicts with our established universe and lore and just is not acceptable. This is not a arguable point, if you want Seon to exist, remove it. Note: Genetic engineering IS a thing that exists in the universe, but it's focused mainly on improving ability (Through PRECISE targeting of genes) or correcting for hereditary diseases (Which I have MANY characters who have had this done) Genetic engineering is possible and somewhat common, you're just not taking it in a reasonable manner. Again, post them. I simply can't accept this. I've seen both Seon and your other characters in-game and in every occurrence they are overly dramatic, troublesome or have odd quirks to their existence that conflict with our lore/cause fucktonnes of trouble. The massive pile of arrests, sexual assaults, and sheer idiotic behavior that simply don't fit with our Heavy RP environment is just really too big to ignore at this point. I HAVE, as have DOZENS of people in the past. There's an entire thread on the forums that essentially does nothing but this actually. Yet while you are "Willing to fix them", you somehow haven't.
  12. You need to read and understand this. You are making no meaningful changes to your characters, you actually made ANOTHER character that caused a controversy by being just as snowflakey as Seon. This post offers no promise of change, no evidence that you've even attempted it nor that you even understand why your character needs to be changed despite being informed of why repeatedly. Making meaningful changes to Seon/whatever IS required, the administrative staff will continue the restriction on Seon existing until you actually do something about how idiotically "Speshul" she was. Both my and other other admin's "Opinions" on this matter are decisively against Seon becoming a thing again because you have essentially ignored both the feedback from staff and players while assuming we're just going to go "Kay, she can come back." No. She can't. Not until you prove you can make her a more accepted character. I will keep this appeal open for a couple days to offer you yet another chance to prove you are capable of making a decent character. If you do not, I will deny this.
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