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How do I fix it? (Somber and depressing)

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So... My wife and I are over. After years of me not being able to change myself enough she's leaving me. Worst part is, neither of us can afford to strike out on our own. So we are forced to live together still. I made the decision, in part, to let her go so I have to live with that, but I've never been good at recovery from mental and emotional damage. Anyone got any pointers to help get through a rough patch?

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I'm really sorry to hear that, but I think we're the worst kind of people to ask about relationship or life advice.

As hard as it is, you do still need to focus on what's important, and that's making sure you survive financially. If that means you both need to stick together, and neither of you are willing to strike it alone, then perhaps that's something to focus on?

It seems like a very awkward situation that you're in right now, I don't think anybody envies you. It may be difficult, but nothing worth following through with has ever been easy.

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