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Attention: The Following is a Public Service Announcement

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Ladies and gentlemen may I please have your attention for the following Public Service Announcement: As the Holiday Season is now in full swing, I understand that many of you may be experiencing increased stress-levels-- despite this, I ask that you please remember retail employees are not drones designed to be some means to an end, and are in fact, intellectual, emotional, human beings, who do not like being confronted with sarcasm and hostile attitudes; and that their reactions may reflect these emotional and intellectual traits. If you have a concern about poor quality customer service or an employee with a bad attitude, please address it in an appropriate, and polite manner, and remember to treat others as you would wish to be treated. Thank you, and Happy
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The holiday time is a time of great financial turbulence, so, people use a lot of documentation. This means the strain my co-workers and I get during this time is three to four time as great, as stressed and annoyed cashiers and accountants scream at us because their programs are not working. So, if you annoy those fucks, they annoy me.

Don't fucking do it or I'll beat you with a shovel.

Bokaza, the lowly codemonkey.

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