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Voyd2000's Custom borg sprite.


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BYOND Key: Voyd2000

Character name: Glitch

Item name: Glitch

Why is your character carrying said item to work? This borg looks like a drone.

Item function(s): Functions like a drone but is lawed like a borg.

Item description: This drone looks like any other drone but sports a large crack down the face of its blue ocular lens

Item appearance: Looks like a station drone.

Additional comments:

Glitch looks like a drone and functions like a drone but is lawed like a borg and thus is able to interact with crew in its limited way with motions, chittering, boops and buzzing.

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The fact that there's:

1) Already drones and that's way too easily to mistake for a drone

2) Cyborgs are not supposed to be that tiny as they're expected to do way bigger tasks such as providing medical aid and arresting prisoners. Realistically you can't do either thing or others (such as clerical duty) if you're no greater than a foot tall if lucky.

Fact 1 is the most important though, and even if you make a different looking drone I won't approve it because reason 2. That being said this will now be locked and denied.

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