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Regarding bluespace teleportation balance

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What has never made sense and has completely baffled me is the concept of teleportation mechanics. Currently, the hand-tele and the machine teleporter both possess the same chance to completely fuck anyone over and send them flying into the sixth z-level, exposed to space. Without a hardsuit, jetpack or fire extinguisher, they simply won't return to the station ever again to be cloned.

This is extremely game and immersion breaking. Why should a controlled, restricted-access tested teleporter even have the remote chance to completely screw and punish someone for flicking the on switch? For a machine, it should have the ability to triangulate EXACTLY where the subject is to arrive. Nothing outside of the work of the gods should mandate whether or not RNJesus decides it's a good idea to take a captain out of the round, no less.

If anything, the hand-tele should be nerfed down to 3/10ths chance to screw a person over. It has multiple charges and can be used in succession to escape just about anybody. It's also a prototype, for one. An ergonomic convenience, if anything, not even in its final, deployable stages. It should be designed as a last resort, not as a makeshift escape to use and abuse.

tl;dr, make the machine teleporter possess zero failure rate whereas the prototype can have a higher chance for failure.

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The % fuckup chance on teleports already happens rarely enough that it's not really a consideration - and since it doesn't add anything mechanically, it seems to me like a failure in game design. Like, think of how many instances where somebody being teleported in space will be hilarious, vs the amount of times that it'll just majorly suck for the person, and nobody else will really care.

It's an anti-fun mechanic with very little positive to it - not a good way to implement risk into the process.

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