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Head Item Re-conditioning


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As a few of you may recollect, items that go on your head (Such as eyepatches, hair pins, etc.) with no literal use of cover in real life, protect you from things spraying in your eyes/face/mouth. Am I disappointed to see a cool acid trap fail because a woman's eye-patch/hair pin melted off and protected them from the literal cloud of acid? Perhaps when I want to pepperspray that one annoying fella that's running all over the place, so it's hard to get a bead on him with a flash. Pepperspray out-- But fuck, his eye-patch was on. Guess his entire face is protected from my 5 million scolvia pepperspray.

Although I'm horrendous at best at Space Station 13 and BYOND coding, I think it'd be as simple as adding a line of code for a few minimalistic items such as these.

if eye/mouth/face protection = 0, there is no protection

if eye/mouth/face protection = 1 (Like Sec/Med HUDs, sunglasses, gas masks) stops reagent.

This is pretty small in comparison to other things, but it's pretty annoying to have a beaker of acid ready to pour on someone's face, only for their hair pin to melt off and them escape completely unscathed.

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glasses/huds should not block spray reagents. pepperspray's edge over people with sunglasses is extremely powerful, and it's not like you're only aiming for the eyes.

when security personnel use pepperspray, they intentionally aim at the face because that's the most amount of exposed orifices that an officer can spray capascin into.

idk if you've ever inhaled capascin before, but it's definitely not pleasant. your glasses don't really help you from the spray getting around that glass fixture, either.

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