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Syndicate field agents.



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:!: So i had this idea of real-time player-driven assignment system.

So basically there would be a whitelist item for these syndicate agents, would be selectable on character setup screen.

Their role would only be to observe and infiltrate NT.

For example:

If this agent sees someone do bad, that would normally get unrecognized, could blackmail him. Anonimously( somehow) would send him a letter with the mission, occasional payment, and equipment. Like: "If you don't want me to call security upon your xy action, and don't want to spend the rest of your life in jail ( because 10 minutes ingame jailtime should be lots in real-life) you have to do this. Details and neccesary equipment can be found in locker room, right row, second locker. It can be opened with PIN *1121*.


Because hell yes blackmailing, hell yes legitimate troublemaking.

These don't neccesary have to be assasinations, of course. But, let's say, subdue someone to get information out of them(Lore), get bank account information, just getting items you would normally don't have access to...etc.

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I'd like to see you expand a little bit upon the suggestion. Right now, the way this is presented, I don't understand why players couldn't already do that in game, of their own volition? I mean, blackmailing is just, it's roleplay. There's nothing special that you need to do it, if anything ask an admin for permission and you're set.

Edit: Derp, it's the ability to dispense equipment. Well, idk. I'll think about it more and make a post later.

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I like this concept. However, I don't feel like it necessarily needs to be a Syndicate agent that would otherwise cause chaos on the station themselves with the supplies they give themselves rather than give a guy a gun and say "Hey, go shoot the HoS or else I'm gonna tell him about you fornicating with that atmos tech". I think it can just be regular crew/traitor.

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A...more valid idea, since dalek is right, although a tad crude, is to have these agents be assistants to other traitors. Upon antag's spawning in, it would say "Rai Amari is with us, they may be willing to assist you" Or something like that.

I'd suggest, however, whitelists need to be applied for a single character, and you can only have that one character with valid reason.

As well, that character cannot be head, captain, or any implanted job.

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