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Skrell Planets

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We have no lore on any Skrellian planets or systems anymore, which makes making a character that is a Skrell somewhat annoying. I don't see anything in the Development Diary about it, and nothing was said about them in FFrances' Skrell update besides removing them and their various sub-species.


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The Skrell rework isn't done. I applied a few minor patches to get rid of unwanted elements and quickly introduce new concepts, but there's still time to expand on these concepts more. :D

I'm not that interested in the concept of "races". Every other species already has a bunch of very distinct cultural groups. Differences in cultures are mostly attributed to closed social systems, with globalization resulting in a gradual "merging" of cultures. As Skrells live in a very unified society, I don't think there would be major cultural differences between most of them (this isn't to say there wouldn't be some, but it wouldn't be significant enough to have different Skrell races).

Now, for the planets. :o

Mrimatool's lore mentioned two important planet: Jargon IV, the Skrell homeworld, and Aliose, an ice world. As far as I'm concerned, these two planets still exist. :) There are no more "cavemen" Skrells, Skrells benefit from roughly the same level of technology all across the federation. Cities on both Aliose and Jargon IV would be high-tech. As Jargon IV is a cross between a swamp world and a water world, you would have a mix of above-ground and underwater cities, which would look roughly like this:




As for Aliose, the planet is mostly comprised of extensive underground complexes with a few above-ground installations.




Finally, keep in mind that the Skrell have a rich colonial empire, which is comparable to the one of humans. So your Skrells could also originate from whatever wacky colonies you want to make up - and if you're looking for inspiration to create new colonies, consider that Skrells are pretty much bent on colonizing anything that holds scientific or economical value, regardless of how difficult the actual colonization process would be. So expect them to settle in some pretty weird and creative places and try to find ways to adapt to their environment.

This information will be added to the wiki once we have time to get all of our ducks in a row and create a series of Skrell fluff pages (while streamlining the core article). :)

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