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Critically Important Gear Missing from ERT.


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Right. So today, there was an engineering incident. Several bombs detonated throughout the station, causing quite a bit of damage. It was when an ERT was summoned to help deal with the incident, that I realized a number of problems. Two, chiefly, that I would like to see fixed. The first and probably most important, being that the ERT is equipped with air pumps and air scrubbers. How nice. A major oversight, however, is that the air pumps are not filled, and are therefore, useless in refilling the station. If the Engineering supply room could at the very least have a small atmospheric refill station to ensure that they're topped off, that would be much appreciated. Second being, the ERT is not equipped with inflatable barriers. None, whatsoever. In events such as the major breach today, the crew did not have enough barriers to adequetly seal the areas. As such, I had to request that an admin spawn some in.

On a side note to the ERT, I would also like to see the timer for returning the ERT shuttle to be removed. All it really tends to do is keep a bunch of people sitting around, waiting for the timer to countdown, so that they can return to the Odin. This leads to some rather dull RP for the ERT, and anyone they may have brought back with them. In addition to this, using the ERT shuttle as an evacuation point, (The AI is about to blow the station, the nykes have set the nuke for detonation in two minutes, while the shuttle will be here in eight,) no longer becomes viable, because even if the crew manage to get to it, they still have to wait thirty minutes for the timer to be reset. I personally find this unrealistic, as if there were an actual emergency that may require a speedy extraction, there most certainly would not be a delay on how quickly the shuttle could return.

That being said, I do see why it is in place. It was designed in hopes of making sure the ERT did a thorough job on its operation. But honestly, not all red alerts take an ERT an entire hour to resolve.

In short, I propose the removal of this timer mechanism from the shuttle computer, or at the very least reducing it from an hour, to say, 5-20m.

I feel like these are very basic things that any self-respectig repair crew should have.

If anyone else feels that the other areas of the ERT require attention, feel free to throw in your issues here as well, and maybe we can get a mapper to get this taken care of.

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