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Extended Events


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This is purely my view of the extended and I do not want to see "Extended if for RP" because that is truly not true.

Skip it if you want to get straight to the point


My view of extended:

I find it quite boring because:

  • Same thing ever shift

    There are not enough events to influence the station

    Some departments like security rarely have to deal with anything

    You get shit on as soon as you do something bad.


I find it interesting because:
  • Makes me bored so I go meet people

    Gives me the chance to introduce myself to few people

    I can go on and talk for an hour


Now that all of that is out of the away, here is my suggestion:

Let there be more random events as they add more to the shift, let me point out a few examples[list=]Radiation belt usually gives medical a lot of work

Viruses give virology something to work on.

Space carp give security something to fight with


Those are just few examples and you can surely think of some yourself.

Why? you may ask. Well, that is because these give you something to do in the down time. It'll even great some fantastic RP moments and holds up the tension while everything else fails to do so.

Maybe even add some custom events that don't need to be supervised.

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I used to run thunderdomes until I had an IR on them, but I've been running a few other ideas in my head.

Chair jousting. 2 guys on office chairs boost along a lane, have to stun the other guy.

Sumo Fights. 2 guys have to push and grab eachother to throw them out of a ring, no punching allowed.

Secret Fight clubs.

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Sumo Fights sound like they'd be cool.

Chair Jousting, not so much, Ive seen people get brigged and demoted for doing it.

Secret Fight Clubs, I feel like thats something that would get you BWOINKed for self-antagging.

I have a few things myself, Ill put them out here.


  • Hostage Drill

Being on a high value research station comes with it's dangers. The Captain/Head Of Security/Both line up a volunteer to hold someone hostage, hopefully someone high value like the Captain/RD/etc.


  • Evacuation Drill

Everything get off the station! In case of extreme emergencies, the majority of the station could need to be moved to the outposts. I had a plan drawn up for station evacuation procedure, sadly they were lost.


  • Employee Reviews

Pull in people who work under you, give them an employee review. May be fun.


  • Mini-Chernobyl

This is something Ive been trying to do for days, and days, and days. Basically, test if you can make your own nuclear reactor on the station. Set up radiation collectors and walls made of uranium surrounding them, and see if you can produce power. Ive had varying reports on whether or not this would work for an OOC Code perspective, at this point, I don't want to know until I test it myself.


  • Building in the empty rooms

Do I even need to say this? Get supplies, build something cool, some truly amazing things can be built.


  • Blood Drive

Exactly what it says. Go out and give blood you greedy fucking bastards, not like you need it all. One day soon, your spess blood may be flowing through someone else's spess pernus.

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Oooh, command staff actually organizing events... are they allowed to do that? XD

More seriously, I like these ideas, but a few points.

Construction room: Bars don't count as interesting. It's been done to death, only actually non-drunken-engineer-related construction projects count. Get R&D to help you build a mini telecom system, or create some kind of training/simulation room for a relevant skill... anything but another bar.

Evacuation Drills: Have an evacuation procedure in place (and one that's practical for a real evacuation and not just a drill) before starting the drill. The shuttles aren't designed for heavy use and the last evacuation drill I saw involved a casualty.

Blood Drive: Have sec round up everyone who's O-. Take that, you blood-type snowflakes! :twisted:

Employee Reviews: It's something to do, but don't expect anyone who's not bored to appreciate them.

Hostage Drill: Could be awesome... And, FYI, LiLITh would make a terrible an excellent simulated hostage.

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