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Race Whitelist Rules / What To Do If Your App Is Delayed

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Timeframe of Applications

An ideal whitelist is posted, gains feedback, and a decision is made on the 3rd day of its posting by its appropriate species overseer. There is no required amount of feedback; it can help the overseer make a decision but feedback isn't an inherent necessity to an app's ultimate fate. A lack of feedback means that the application is determined by the sole merit of the OP, unless a loredev themselves asks questions ofc. There is technically no minimum waiting period for race whitelists but it is extremely unusual for an application to be accepted before at least 48 hours have passed and usually never happens.


If an application has sat without loredev comment or decision after 4 days you are encouraged to PM Caelphon, the Loremaster, with a link to your species application with a comment that it's been 4 days since it was originally posted. 

He might not respond to the PM's themselves, but he does see and check the links in all applications. Even then things can slip his mind or he forgets. Just keep PM'ing Caelphon; one PM per day with a reminder over sitting applications is totally acceptable! You can also remind Caelphon on Discord.

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MattAtlas - Edited to have people PM Caelphon instead of Mofo.
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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Rule Update #1

Recently the good faith of our lore developers has been abused in regards to whitelist apps, so I have decided to add this rule for all apps going forward.

All applicants are required to have a played character on the Aurora associated with their Ckey before posting an application. It is expected that you have some playtime on the Aurora at least a little bit before you apply.

If you have no characters associated with your Ckey then your application will very likely be declined. If it is accepted then you face a much, much higher risk of your application being stripped if you abuse this trust.

If you have no characters but lie about it, or otherwise falsify information, your application will be immediately rejected. If we find out after giving you the application then it will be immediately revoked. In both cases I will leave it completely up to the race overseer in question for when, how, or if they allow you to reapply.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Rule Update #2

(This rule has been on the books since September 28th 2016, I am only moving all whitelist stickies into this thread for accessibility)

This policy change is mandated for all Tajara applications.

"Leaves adhomai as a child and grows up with humans" is no longer something that will be accepted in your whitelist application. Such a character can exist as your second character or who you actually decide to main as, but for a whitelist you need to prove you understand the race and their "Thing" (the civil war) enough. With the endemic issues of tajara all collectively being "raised as a kid in human space" this change is something I can support.

The best questions to ask are:

HOW are they connected to the conflict?

WHICH side do they support, if any?

HOW did their experiences on Adhomai lead them to come to Tau Ceti?

For example,

Meowanette Purrpurr's parents live in a village just outside a city often beseiged by either side, and it changes hands frequently. Growing up her parents tried to shelter her, and she didn't play outside much, and never interacted with the many soldiers who often showed up in different uniforms.

Because the village changed sides so much she saw both sides do both good and bad, and developed a cynical/hopeful attitude for x/neither/both.

When she became 18 her parents, Nuzzles Litterbox and Paws Mrowls scraped up enough money to get her a bus ride to a city a few hours away in government control where she got a work visa for Biesel, and moved/worked in Tau Ceti while sending remittance back to her family, eventually she got scholarships/paid her way into community college and long story short she's now a [role] on the Exodus.

Or even "they left when a neighboring village was burnt down by x side"

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