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[Completed] Greg Ryan IAC Armband

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Character name:

Greg Ryan

Item name:

Intrastellar Aid Corps armband

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Greg Ryan volunteered for the IAC before taking his residency to become a surgeon. After his residency was completed he served with them again for a year, providing surgeries and medical care in underdeveloped or disaster struck areas. The armband would serve to identify him as a member of the IAC, and guarantee to people that he provides care for you regardless of who you are or his opinions on you. Basically like a UN relief worker, or a red cross/crescent worker.

Item function(s):

An armband to be added to his uniform.

Item description:

An armband denoting its wearer as a medical worker of the Interstellar Aid Corps.

Item appearance:

A white armband with a light blue cross.

Additional comments:

The IAC is a strictly apolitical organization. In a war zone it provides treatment for all sides, civilian and military - full stop and no questions asked. I won't be so pretentious as to assume my character has a reputation, but this item would help solidify him as an impartial healer, and possibly give non-murderbone antags an avenue of getting medical aid, since medbay is filled with a lot of "let the bastard die" doctors/surgeons.


A few other people said they'd love to be members of the IAC. I'd like to extend this request to possibly make the armband a custom item you can purchase on character menu.

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