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Sarad's screwdriver

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BYOND Key: ChevalierMalFet

Character name:.Sarad Amrapurkar

Item name:.Sarad's screwdriver

Why is your character carrying said item to work? He needs a screwdriver as part of his ordinary kit, and I think it would be cute if he had one as a father's day gift rather than a mug or something - every time he uses it, he can remember his kids.

Item function(s): it functions purely as a normal screwdriver, with no advantages.

Item description: Jagatila sarvottama vadila. (This is "the world's best father " in Marathi, his native tongue.)

Item appearance: the orange screwdriver. No graphical changes.

Additional comments: it brings a small yet real joy to my life when I get the orange screwdriver in my kit, as orange is my favorite color.

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