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Indie Roundup (Part 1?)


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I just wanted to bring some attention so some of the better small studio projects that I've noticed myself during the past year. Most should be cheap (Hopefully less than twenty dollars), and all are worth checking out for one reason or another. Go waste sommodat holiday money!


1. Freedom Planet - GalaxyTrail - Steam Store Link

Originally a Sonic The Hedgehog fan project that was overhauled and converted into its own product. 2D Platforming in the style of the Genesis Sonic titles, with a dash of Megaman X style fighting thrown in. Practically a love letter to the 90s. Excellent level design and low-fi soundtrack, feels like a classic when it isn't one yet. Plot plays out like a Saturday morning cartoon, and the voice acting is meh, but it's all very charming and skippable if you disagree. Three playable characters with two more in the works. Bring a controller!

2. Sunless Sea - Failbetter Games - Steam Store Link

A roguelike exploration and resource management game set in the excellently realized setting of Fallen London. Upgrade and maintain a ship and its crew as you seek treasure, renown, and most importantly, secrets and tales of the unterzee. The Lovecraftian narrative and careful storytelling are excellent on a level that is rarely found in a videogame. Very difficult. Get used to dying, be prepared to read forever.

3. Subterrain - Pixellore - Steam Store Link

A procedurally-generated survival scenario set on a compromised martian colony. Research, craft, fight and repair your way to escaping the facility while you're hunted by mutants. Manage food, water, hygiene, sleep, oxygen and temperature needs. Interesting for the randomization and time elements - games do not play out the same way twice. UI is unhelpful but learn-able. Also fairly difficult. Continue to get used to dying.

4. 80 Days - Inkle - Steam Store Link

A Steampunk take on Jules Verne's Around The World In 80 Days that was ported to PC from iOS. As the loyal valet of English gentleman Phileas Fogg, help guide your master east from London around the globe, in order to win the wager he has made. Another game that is 95% (good) reading, with some resource management thrown in. Outstanding storytelling with several secret branching paths. Elements of the Oregon Trail and the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books from days of yore. Very replayable, easy to pick up and put down. Ideal for when you're actually travelling.

5. Undertale - Toby Fox - Steam Store Link

EarthBound-inspired project by the creator of that game's famous Halloween Hack, and one of the main contributors to the soundtrack of the webcomic "Homestuck." This game doesn't need my description - if you know it, you probably already love it or hate it. If you don't, go waste ten dollars and try it blind. My guess is that you'll be happy you did.

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