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Incident Report, 07JAN2458, S.Ukhaan.

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Reporting Personnel: Shinjlekh Ukhaan

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Research Director

Personnel Involved: Jim Calhon, Head of Security, Valorallen Vitelllia, Head of Personnel, Emma Godbot, Internal Affairs Agent, Kas'yrr Ta'kim, Security Officer (Offender), Za'Akaix'Krexik K'lax, Secrity Officer (Offender), Kenneth Biermann, Xenobiologist (Deceased).

Time of Incident: 15:20

Real time: 1740~Eastern, JAN072016

Location of Incident: Science Department

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment [X]Assault [X]Misconduct [X]Other: Scientific Sabotage

Overview of the Incident: Kenneth Biermann died preforming unregulated, undocumented, unapproved self testing. In the wake, some sort of seeming sentient Slime/Human hybrid was created. By all criteria, he was no longer alive, and the creature, dubbed KB-002, left behind was not protected by any laws in the Sol Alliance, or Republic of Biesel. As such, I thought approval of Emma Godsbot, who at the time was preforming an audit of my department, and they confirmed my suspiecions that this creature no longer was protected by any governmental body, or Nanotrasen, and as such I was free to preform tests on KB-002, as long as the xenobiologist was declared deceased, which head of personnel Vitellia did. I asked Jim Calhoun to lend me an officer to safely transport KB-002, and he gave my the Vaurca, Krexlik. They followed me, and were ordered to assist me bring KB-002 to the medical department. Instead, what he did was flashbang my entire department, and flash me personally for handling KB-002. Jim Calhoun came to the science department personally and ordered Klexik to stand down. Instead, they fled, and then enlisted the help of Officer Ta'kim to help keep me away from KB-002. When I found them a second time, they were hid away in a firefighting locker in maintenance, and they both threatened me with their security weapons as soon as I saw them. Because of them, subject KB-002 went untested, and the entire science department was hindered by a flash bang exploding in front of RnD and robotics, affecting all currently active personnel. That is not to mention they both went directly against orders from their direct superior, the captain,and assaulted a head of staff, and and at least five members of scientific staff.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I am a head of staff, and all head of staff at the time agreed, or had no comment of, the tests.

Additional notes:

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TO: Shinjlekh Ukhaan, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and logged, and placed within a queue for the Duty Officer corps to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a Duty Officer when and if an investigation begins.


DTG: 10-12:55-TAU CETI STANDARD-01-2458


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2. Thou shalt take a good, hard looketh at the post-game screen, and findeth outeth who was an antag. If someone was an antag, then no IC complaint can be filed against them. Furthermore, if a person's behavior was influenced because of an antagonist being on the station, then it's not fair game for an incident report. People tend to act up when nuclear terrorists, metamorphosing aliens, etc. start attacking their workplace, and it will be near impossible to ignore the fact that those antagonists had a hand in the acting up; meaning that if those things were kept canon for an incident report, then they would *have* to be canon for the character's story, and that's a no-go.

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