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[Accepted] Rightfulnoah's unban request

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BYOND Key: Rightfulnoah

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: tishinastalker

Reason of Ban: Joined the round, ran around science for a little bit before spacing myself and logging out. Perma'd in spite of players history.

Reason for Appeal: I was banned back in January of 2015, so it's been almost a year since I've been banned. I've played SS13 a lot in that period and matured more and understand the game more. I think I deserve another chance at playing on a serious server, as I think I would enjoy it more than the other, lesser serious servers.

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My bad. I've been really forgetful as of late. Just logged on server, verified what I needed, and now I'm just gonna ask you to read these over.


I want you to tell me what you did wrong and how it was against the rules. I need a better reason to unban you other than "Well, it's been a year, and I think I deserve a second chance".

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Alright. I'm pretty sure I got most if not all of the rules I broke.

Don't be a dick

No power gaming

Keep the round fun or everyone

You must maintain character at ALL TIMES

Avoid pain

Only escalate conflict in a REASONABLE manner

Killing in self-defense is NOT preferred

I think that's all.

I broke don't be a dick by well, being a dick and probably ruining a couple rounds for a few people, sorry guys if you remember me!

I broke power gaming by being robust over how my character would ICly be.

I broke keeping the round fun for everyone but being a dick, as stated before. I only really retracted from peoples experiences, except for the security that detained me, I guess.

I broke maintaining character at all times by suiciding a couple times.

I broke avoiding pain by directly throwing myself into pain and ignoring it.

I broke escalating conflict by going from 0-100 in terms of conflict, IE going from a couple simple pokes at how we are doing our jobs to a full blown fist fight.

I broke killing in self defense after, if I remember correctly, decapitating someone after they tried to harm me, I believe they tried to inject me with something, but that's a rough memory.

I think in general I was a douchebag, and I'm not trying to repeatedly pull the "i was new" card but I've enjoyed heavy roleplay in other games, so I think I'd enjoy it on Space Station 13 too. Heres hoping for a second chance.

Thanks either way it ends out too.

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