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Consgrove's Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: Consgrove

Total Ban Length: 3 Days

Banning staff member's Key: TishinaStalker

Reason of Ban: "Smashed a player repeatedly with an oxygen tank as EoR grief, then logged."

Reason for Appeal: Well, last night after the shuttle was launched I was left on the station (and it was incredibly laggy due to revolutionary guy blowing up the medbay with a bomb) and I didn't realize I was smashing a guy's skull into his brain as I was getting really impatient with the lag and was clicking down and mashing down on the arrow keys. It was entirely an accident, and it wasn't my intention to actually log out after smashing the guy's head in, I lost connection and tried to rejoin and eventually got a connection about three minutes later. I'm sorry for what happened and I never wanted to actually kill anyone, as I didn't know I literally right next to the guy when I was clicking down.

In case you're thinking like "Wow just be patient!!" I was trying to be. The entire round was very slow for me and I had to reconnect around six times or so. I missed the shuttle by about four seconds due to lag and I got rather upset because I had lost connection once more.

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Going around keyboard smashing is not a smart thing. Going around keyboard smashing on a heavy-RP server, even less so.

I also cannot play out a scenario inside my head where this would cause someone to accidentally hit someone multiple times. So no, you need to control yourself. The ban stays in place.

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