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More sounds from containers.


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I know this is one of those suggestions that people think are pointless, but it is a notable enhancement. The game wouldn't be worse off for it, in the end, as there are already spammy sounds.

Think of a game like Neo Scavenger, with its diverse glossary of sounds. From the "click-click" of medkits or suitcases to the zipping of backpacks and other objects. Right now there's only one generic rustle sound for all containers.

What's the point?

You could say that it wouldn't improve the game in a massive way, even if it's an enhancement. Inventory management would become more satisfying in hindsight, and that helps with immersion in a small way.

Couldn't that just get annoying?

Zipping and clicking? There's already plenty of ways to spam, and you don't hear it all the time.

What does this do for gameplay?

You would be able to figure out what other people are sorting through. Is it their backpack, suitcase, or a cardboard box?

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