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Incident Report 9/1/2458


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Reporting Personnel: Joelle Kemble

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Medical Doctor

Personnel Involved: Doctor Richard Brooks, Doctor Za'Akaix'Zo-Karix Vorov, Doctor Joelle Kemble

Time of Incident: 1:10 - 1:20 Station time

Real time: ~0200GMT 9/1/2016

Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Medbay

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct [x]Other Medical Malpractice

Overview of the Incident: Richard Brooks has interfered in the treatment of two other doctor's patients. He has also prescribed medication without an examination. Ted Grimsby has refused to come to the medical bay for an exam and treatment instead inciting Richard Brooks to malpractice. Richard Brooks continued to interfere with medical treatment, interrupting other doctor's conversations and treating patients without a word to either patient or doctor. When asked to stop he repeatedly stated that he was a good doctor and helping people. Had to be prompted to turn on the surgery light and put on gloves, mask when performing thoracic surgery.

After our conversation with the Internal Affairs Agent, Doctor Brooks immediately interrupted my treatment of another patient. Clement Beach. I then asked the captain to be transferred out of the department for the remainder of the shift. The captain chose instead to suspend Doctor Brooks.

I would like to state that Doctor Brooks was not incompetent in his treatment of patients, merely endangering patients by interrupting treatment performed by other physicians without first consulting them.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Yes, A.Nejem Internal Affairs Agent

Additional notes: After I reported the doctor to the Captain he was demoted, and proceeded to whine about how life was pointless now, and locked himself in a coffin according to the station AI.

Attached is the paperwork filled with/by A.Nejem.

NanoTrasen Inc.

Civilian Branch of Operation

Form 0110

Complaint Form


Facility: NSS Aurora

Date: Jan 9th 2458

Index: 0110_24580109_0001

Affected Person(s): Richard Brooks, Ted Grimsby, Joelle Kemble

Offender(s): Richard Brooks, Ted Grimsby

Type of Complaint: Medical Malpractice

Time of Incident: 1:10 - 1:20


Richard Brooks has interfered in the treatment of two other doctor's patients. He has also prescribed medication without an examination. Ted Grimsby has refused to come to the medical bay for an exam and treatment instead inciting Richard Brooks to malpractice.

A security officer was earlier investigation Richard Brooks and witnessed him making a mess of surgery and not correctly repairing a subdural hematoma.

Affected Person(s) Signature(s): JKembleZa'Akaix'Zo-Karix Vorov

Witness’s Signature: Za'Akaix'Zo-Karix Vorov

Internal Affair's Signature of Receipt: A.Nejem

Azaela Nejem says, "Let's starrt with Doctorr Kemble. Explain, in full, what occurred with Doctorr Brrrooks"

Joelle Kemble says, "Doctor Brooks interfered while the b- Vaura doctor was treating a patient."

Joelle Kemble says, "He injected medication without consulting the attending physician."

Joelle Kemble says, "Offered diagnosis with no basis and prescribed nonsensical treatment."

Joelle Kemble says, "He then proceded to do the same thing with me not five minutes later."

Azaela Nejem asks, "Can he state the name of the patient?"

Joelle Kemble says, "Hold on, let me consult my PDA."

Joelle Kemble says, "Arthur Whitemain was one."

Joelle Kemble says, "I'm not certain who Zo-Karix's patient was. I was busy with my own at the time, merely saw it happen out of the corner of my eye."

Joelle Kemble says, "As for the botched surgical patient, I gave Brooks his case file when I handed him off for surgery."

Richard Brooks says, "You all harrased me"

Joelle Kemble says, "Heavy doses of dylovene for liver failure."

Richard Brooks says, "And was putting me down"

Joelle Kemble says, "The patient needed surgery or peridaxon."

Richard Brooks says, "Saying i cant do shit"

Azaela Nejem says, "Brrooks, he will have a chance to speak."

Azaela Nejem asks, "What does Dylovene do?"

Joelle Kemble says, "It is an anti-toxin, and the patient was on sufficient dosage to keep his condition stable."

Joelle Kemble says, "With my patient he insisted on trying to take the patient from my care for surgery before I had stabilised him."

Joelle Kemble says, "A first year med student knows you stabilise a patient before surgery."

Azaela Nejem asks, "And this was Whiteman, correct?"

Joelle Kemble says, "The surgery? No, to be honest, I've forgotten the patient's name. I handed off the file and scan to Doctor Brooks."

Richard Brooks says, "It was ummmm"

Azaela Nejem asks, "Is this the patient he showed us, Brrrooks?"

Richard Brooks says, "I forgot again"

Richard Brooks says, "But they saw him"

Azaela Nejem says, "Rrrob Logan was his name"

Richard Brooks says, "You think i dont know what devloyne does"

Azaela Nejem asks, "Now, Azaela was told they identified him as deceased. Is this corrrect?"

Joelle Kemble asks, "Right, the EMT. Wait, he's deceased?"

Richard Brooks says, "Heals toxin damage and also it will also shorten the durations of drug-related hallucinations and sleepiness, and remove toxic substances in the blood."

Azaela Nejem says, "Brrrooks told Azaela he was told Logan was deceased."

Joelle Kemble says, "Not according to the medical records."

Richard Brooks says, "I was told"

Azaela Nejem says, "She checked his pulse, he's alive, just SSD."

Joelle Kemble says, "We haven't had any deaths in medbay since I arrived."

Richard Brooks says, "That is why yall first contact security"

Azaela Nejem says, "Now. Brrrooks."

Azaela Nejem asks, "What did he prrrescrribe the patient, and why?"

Richard Brooks says, "And misusing security is agisnt space law"

Azaela Nejem says, "Speak to Azaela, not eachotherrr."

Richard Brooks says, "He had toxins in his system"

Richard Brooks says, "Which is one way you liver gets fucked"

Richard Brooks says, "So i gave him Dylovene"

Richard Brooks says, "Which improved his system"

Azaela Nejem asks, "This is a question forr both of them. Is it possible to overrdose orr otherrwise be harrmed by dylovene?"

Richard Brooks says, "NO"

Richard Brooks says, "No"

Joelle Kemble says, "No, it isn't."

Richard Brooks says, "You can not overdose on it"

Richard Brooks says, "Its will just remain in your system if you dont need it"

Richard Brooks says, "So that is why i gave him that"

Richard Brooks says, "No harm done"

Azaela Nejem asks, "Once the dylovene was administerred, what happened?"

Richard Brooks says, "I was harrassed"

Richard Brooks says, "And told i dont know what m doing"

Richard Brooks says, "And why the hell are you giving it"

Richard Brooks says, "I know he had a liver problem"

Richard Brooks says, "If it was toxins"

Richard Brooks says, "Like such as beer or anything in that nature it would of cleared"

Azaela Nejem says, "Hrrrrm."

Richard Brooks says, "So i got ready for surgery and gave him interal organs surgery"

Azaela Nejem says, "So farr this is sounding less like a case of incompetence, and morre of a case of miscommunication and rrapid aggrrression."

Richard Brooks says, "Then the other co-workers said that i dont want to see him kill the paitent on the table"

Richard Brooks says, "He did not die"

Richard Brooks says, "Hes alive"

Joelle Kemble yells, "The point isn't what did happen, it's what could have happened. You don't interfere with another physician's tratment. You say something, but you don't walk up and inject them without a work!"

Azaela Nejem says, "Doctorrr Kemble has a valid point."

Richard Brooks says, "I did say something"

Richard Brooks says, "They just walk up and grab me and throw me"

Joelle Kemble shouts, "And the other doctor told you he had already treated with dylovene!"

Joelle Kemble says, "Whoa! I never touched you."

Richard Brooks says, "Well one did"

Azaela Nejem asks, "Can they name who did?"

Richard Brooks says, "Let me get my pda"

Joelle Kemble says, "It was either me or the b- Vaurca."

Azaela Nejem says, "Doctorr Kemble stated she did not do it, so it may have been the vaurrca then."

Azaela Nejem says, "Hrrm. Doctorr Kemble, please call the vaurrca to the office."

Richard Brooks says, "It"

Joelle Kemble says, "Zo-Karix is in long term storage."

Richard Brooks says, "Was something with ka"

Richard Brooks says, "I dont remember the rest"

Joelle Kemble says, "But she didn't seen the type to roughhouse someone."

Azaela Nejem asks, "Nelson, did he witness any of this?"

Edward Nelson says, "I only witnesses one thing, Agent."

Richard Brooks says, "I was thrown"

Richard Brooks says, "And yet they still verbaly assult me"

Azaela Nejem asks, "And that thing was?"

Edward Nelson says, "He wore gloves for the surgery of Rob, but only after being prompted."

Joelle Kemble says, "And his mask."

Azaela Nejem asks, "Brrrooks, carre to explain that?"

Richard Brooks says, "I put them on"

Azaela Nejem asks, "Beforre orr afterr starrting surrgerry?"

Richard Brooks says, "I was getting my stuff ready"

Joelle Kemble yells, "You picked up the scalpel ungloved before I said anything!"

Richard Brooks says, "And yet kemble and the others was verbal abusing me"

Richard Brooks says, "So i tried to remember everything before hand"

Azaela Nejem says, "Speak to Azaela, not eachotherr. This meeting is to find what happened and why, not yell at eachotherr"

Richard Brooks says, "But i did get them on before surgery"

Richard Brooks says, "Shut up"

Azaela Nejem asks, "Parrrrdon?"

Richard Brooks says, "You dont allow me to even walk without you said oh well this guy is shit"

Richard Brooks says, "Or something on the words of that"

Azaela Nejem says, "So. Doctorr Kemble was trrreating a patient. Doctorrr Brrrooks came and starrted to also trreat the same patient, then took overr forr surrgerry"

Azaela Nejem says, "Therre was an apparrent lack of prroperr communication, whetherr it be frrom not speaking orr not listening, Azaela cannot be surre."

Richard Brooks says, "Yes"

Richard Brooks says, "Im sorry"

Richard Brooks says, "If i done anything to affend you"

Azaela Nejem says, "Both of them need to turrn to eachotherrrr and worrk out whateverr prroblems they have with eachotherr now. She expects them both to leave this office satisfied with eachotherrr, no morre bikcerring"

Richard Brooks says, "I was just doing as i saw fit"

Richard Brooks says, "Im verry sorry"

Richard Brooks says, "I know i had to get gloves"

Joelle Kemble says, "Fine, but if he endangers another patient, I'll be taking this higher."

Richard Brooks says, "You just keep talking"

Joelle Kemble says, "I apologize for my rudeness."

Richard Brooks says, "And made me forget"

Richard Brooks says, "Talking impeeds me not gettnng anything done"

Joelle Kemble asks, "Seriously? You've presumably been through a surgical residency, talking makes you forget it?"

Richard Brooks says, "Well"

Azaela Nejem sighs

Richard Brooks says, "Now i wont"

Richard Brooks says, "It wont know"

Richard Brooks says, "I promise"

Joelle Kemble says, "Don't touch me."

Richard Brooks says, "Can i get a hug"

Richard Brooks asks, "?"

Richard Brooks says, "Please"

Joelle Kemble says, "No."

Richard Brooks says, "PLease"

Joelle Kemble says, "I'm not hugging you."

Azaela Nejem says, "Brrrooks"

Richard Brooks says, "Yes"

Azaela Nejem asks, "He is awarre of what batterry is, yes?"

Richard Brooks says, "Who is"

Richard Brooks says, "Well yes"

Richard Brooks says, "Im sorry"

Azaela Nejem says, "Azaela's going to assume they arren't going to get along any betterr than this"

Richard Brooks says, "Im sorry"

Richard Brooks says, "My applogies"

Joelle Kemble says, "Apology accepted, but expect me to file a complaint with the licencing board."

Richard Brooks says, "Now"

Azaela Nejem says, "Now. Azaela cannot overrrule the head of securrity's decision, and would have no intention of doing so if She could."

Richard Brooks says, "Lets get to back helping people"

Joelle Kemble talks into the medical radio headset

Richard Brooks says, "Lets get to back helping people"

Azaela Nejem says, "Prrove to the rrest of the deparrtment he can do the job, and perrhaps his next shift will go betterr."

Azaela Nejem says, "They'rre dismissed."

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TO: Joelle Kemble, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and logged, and placed within a queue for the Duty Officer corps to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a Duty Officer when and if an investigation begins.


DTG: 10-12:24-TAU CETI STANDARD-01-2458


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TO: Joelle Kemble, Medical Doctor, NSS Exodus

FROM: Terrance Clarke, CCIA Duty Officer, NMSS Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to CCIA Terrance Clarke (Dreviore).

You may be contacted by the duty officer for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions

DTG: 29-19:23-TAU CETI STANDARD-03-2458


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Upon reaching out to Joelle Kemble, they have agreed that at this time, the case has kind of corrected itself, and that it would appear that Doctor Richard Brooks has no longer been present on any stations in which the parties involved work on.

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