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  1. BYOND Key: Dreviore Character Names: Terrance Tau, Daniel Seraph Species you are applying to play: Sssslithhhery sssssnek What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Snek colors. Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yus Snek's name: SnekiSneek Snek's role: Janitor What does your snek man do: Snek things
  2. Fair. Ish. However also consider that we have the power to control just how much time is required to play on our server properly. This mechanic is one such control device. Which leads into this discussion becoming one of how much time do we want the average player to be able to dedicate to Aurora, in order to be a part of an enjoyable experience. I personally find the 2 1/2 hour mark, and 3 hour mark are golden. Any more than that and you'll find late joiners not joining, and you'll have waves of people going into cryo. I always login right after I get off work (Usually 6:3
  3. Easy to say when you don't have commitments outside of Aurora. If you wish to viciously attack everybody who speaks against your opinion - With the exact same reasoning every time. This is supposed to be a discussion, not a place to attack other peoples for their opinion. Me and a lot of people happen to login and see that a rounds been going on for 1 maybe 2 hours. So we don't join because unfortunately, it's hard to join RP mid round. Now we have four options: Join and not enjoy ourselves. Leave and try our luck an hour later. Vote for a CT. Chill out in Ghost
  4. Just make cloning easily accessible by science staff so that they can be there to assist with cloning should medical be swamped.
  5. 30 minutes is hardly enough time for the round to get established, most antags don't even fully start kicking off until the first hour mark. Most departmental work will only even be to its basic level at this point so job wise there should still be plenty. Worst case if the round is too far in for someone, there's a game_status channel for a reason. It'll notify you on round restarts so long as you're subscribed. You don't have to sit in as a ghost the entire time waiting which is something it seems like people are forgetting. I find the pecking order of each department is determine
  6. I can understand why people are voting for a crew transfer after dying or late joining. Personally if I see a rounds been going on for more than 30 minutes, and the Captains role is filled I see no reason for me to latejoin. It's hard to join in RP once the rounds already been established, and having to wait upwards to two hours for a new round makes me not want to join the next round because I'm not gonna sit there for the next two hours unless I'm actively being engaged as CCIA. Mind you I've never called an actual CT, but this is just my opinion on the matter.
  7. Your application should revolve around an entire new character, with an entire new theme to showcase that you understand everything being a head our entail. - Cause it not only unlocks being an RD, but it also unlocks being a captain, the Head of Security. If you want Edgar to be promoted, do so after you pass your whitelist application.
  8. Yes. That's all I can really say on the manner, I like it and support it. Can we make it so the code is applied to the captains round-start/round-join notes?
  9. Just do your thing, and ignore what others think about you. Also don't whine too much, cause that's an easy way to get the people who actually like interacting with you; to stop.
  10. I do it to save someone from popped lungs. Which ironically happens all the time. Your O2 tank runs out of oxygen for half a second? Popped lung. You accidentally find yourself walking into a depressurized room, and you wind up winded on the ground for 5 seconds? Popped lung.
  11. I'll tell you this right now. If any of my characters noticed a drunk drowning themselves (minus one), and they were in a position to do so that shift, you would not be able to return to work. My IPC would take your ID, and inform you that you're not of sound mind to continue work, and that ID would end up with a head. My Captain would put you on temporary leave for the round. I think the biggest issue there's no real places to place a cut off employee besides bed, or a table... IN THE BAR.
  12. TO: Senri Ishikawa FROM: Terrance Clarke, CCIABS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: Re: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: It would appear that the majority of personnel involved in this Incident Report are no longer employed by NanoTrasen, as we can't get enough accounts on what occured, we are archiving this Incident Report. -------------------- SIGN: Terrance Clarke
  13. Any chance on updated pictures considering we've been told the map is 'mostly complete' just waiting on z-level code fixes.
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