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Any tropical/ocean world

Guest Bokaza

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I am looking for an existing planet which could fit a profile based on current character notes:


  • I started out my charater with an idea that he grew up in a rich house in the seaside.
  • Multicultural and fairly peaceful. Possibly rich.
  • He's in a pseudo-american military family and joined up with Sol Alliance marines, per tradition.
  • The world is oceanic or temperate with large water percentage. Planty of sea life, possibly terraformed or introduced with terran life.


I might add in more notes later, is there anything that could fit it?

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The only one I can actually think of that is relatively similar to this is Stormswrath; the primary continent is situated over the equator, and though the southern and northern edges are temperate, it is mainly tropical.


The secondary continent is also primarily jungle, with rich guy villas, beaches, etc.

The planet is also close to 50/50 land and water, with plenty of exotic sea life. ((Meaning avoid the really deep ocean, in case of kraken))

It is peaceful, now that I removed the idiotic terrorists that I added to it in it's conception.

It isn't especially rich, though the secondary continent was sold piece and parcel for off-world rich people to build holiday homes on.

The capital is situated around an inland sea; known for large beaches.

Was until recently in the Sol Alliance, then was put in the Epsilon Eridani Free Trade zone. (Timeline wise)


Mainly agricultural, it has a relatively low number of rich people, excluding the off-worlders on the other continent, and politicians.

Ion storms, primarily in the deeper ocean areas, the third continent (Uninhabitable), and random sporadic ones.

Relatively out of the way.

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Was until recently in the Sol Alliance, then was put in the Epsilon Eridani Free Trade zone. (Timeline wise)


Do Sol citizens still have free access to the world? If so, I think this is what I'm looking for.

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