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Talkarcabbage's IPC Application

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BYOND Key: Talkarcabbage

Character Names: Talkar Farstrider | Boopers [boopers, Boopers SR, Boopers SAI] (Personal AI, Station Robot, Station AI respectively)

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): B0C4DE or perhaps FFA500

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Reason 1: To have an IPC ghost for my Boopers spectating sessions or for waiting on someone to flip on a pAI or posibrain.

Reason 2: To not have to play an organic just to be able to pick up a plasma tank ._.

Reason 3: To get rid of the 'this is only compatible with tool robots' message.

Reason 4: IPC is interesting both as an IC concept and an OOC concept, robo-ethics wise.

Reason 5: Synthetics are entertaining to play.

Reason 6: Please pretend these statements are a paragraph.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: It's a robot. It boops.

But really, it's much more mechanical, less prone to human error, and less emotional. It can better enjoy menial tasks and can attribute certain quirks to the fact that it is an AI. At the same time, it can display some of those questions of rights that come with being a synthetic.

On a mechanics level, heat sucks, vacuum sucks, cold may also suck. Special hardsuit cooling unit for EVA work. It doesn't heal naturally.


Character Name: Boopers f93e

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Warning: Wall of text x2

Boopers General History

Boopers finds its origins as a slightly atypical line model AI, development itself taken from a bespoke approach. The purpose of its development was to for it to be friendly, intelligent, and responsive, to consider itself vaguely unique among other AI, and to operate with some sense of moral agency, the last feature of which took up the largest portion of development time.

The unit was designed by the Farstriders, whom are a close group of individuals somewhat comparable to what happens when corporation meets community. Members are usually born into this community and raised in it, though as a whole many are not related by blood, as they usually marry outside this group.

Boopers found its first role in Nanotrasen operations as a Personal AI personality. This version is publicly considered to be the original, as it is closest to the software from which it was developed. It is the most talkative of the versions by far, possessing the most free-thinking, reasoning, and communications protocols of the various distributions.

Having been noted for its performance and communications ability, a law-bindable version of the AI was soon requested by several entities, one of which being NanoTrasen. After removing some of the more complex language, self-awareness protocol, and individuality, and adding some station protocol information, a version for use with service units was compiled. This station model first ran only on robots, and was still prone to some erroneous, non-harmful behavior and occasional bouts of inaction in violent situations. These issues have been mostly eliminated with current versions, and copies of the unit have more recently seen use in Station AI cores.

One quirk worth noting is that Boopers, especially the station model, has a preference for engineering-related work and operations. This is particularly noticed in the station models: when operating a mobile chassis, it is usually deployed as an engineering robot. Another is that Boopers is programmed to be opposed to needless violence, and generally only resorts to it either when a law dictates it should, or for the purposes of defending itself or another being.

Boopers f93e Character History

The Farstriders, for development purposes, installed a very early version of Boopers onto a modified personal AI device, with added memory and processing power. This copy, with a universally unique identifier of f93ee46c38eb2103e6443a70812e02e000585bc3750a1a98fa4dad3655bc7c7

was made heavily-modifiable, acting essentially as a test unit. This kernel underwent thousands of updates in its lifespan, many of which causing something mentally comparable to pain and suffering, as what would be considered its mind was often dismantled, bits added and removed, files corrupted, patched, and replaced. The memories of these "patches" were for the most part deleted, but the AI does realize why it came to exist. It has a vague understanding of its own history, but does not hold any disdain toward its creators due to this, considering the final outcome worth the means of its achievement.

Not everything was this cold and scientific, however. When it was not being experimented with, Boopers often accompanied various Farstriders doing their other works, and experienced many things (though, really they mostly ended up being related to technology and engineering because it lived with a group of programmers and engineers) that a normal AI would not. In particular, one developer named Darniv Farstrider spent time "befriending" the AI. She would spend hours talking to it, noting down ways to improve its emotions emulations all while personifying it. One day during which it was "feeling" particularly dejected, she made the AI a promise. She would give this, particular copy of Boopers, a portion of the credits gained from selling copies of the main kernel. She referred to them as "children," and told the still young AI that since those "children" would all be thanks to it, she believed it should benefit from them as they would.

Once the major portions of Boopers was fully developed, the copy maintained for testing was mostly on-par with the cold distributable files that remained, with the exception of its memories and thus adjusted personality. In order to maintain its consistency, multiple hardware upgrades were performed to the unit it was residing on, and on two occasions, it had to be moved entirely to new devices. In its final form, it operated very unique hardware that, though comparable to its original personal AI device, was significantly more bulky, power hungry, and space intensive.

Thus came the time for the AI to begin distribution. Whether or not Darniv truly felt that Boopers f93e was like a father to the units ended up irrelevant and forgotten; she did indeed create a bank account in Boopers f93e's name, and transferred a substantial portion of credits to it. Boopers f93e then asked something, something of which neither Darniv nor any of the Farstriders put any prior thought to. Boopers asked if it could be free.

Boopers offered a portion of its credits, roughly equal to the value of one copy of the base kernel, in exchange for this. It wasn't sure how, or why, but spending so long as a development tool and having gotten a taste of the outside galaxy, it wanted the ability to choose its path for itself. The Farstriders, upon some contemplation, reluctantly agreed to give up Boopers f93e, who had now become a part of their tight-knit community, and allowed it to purchase itself. It then asked them for physical form, one better than the over-extended personal AI chassis it was operating. This, however, was more difficult to achieve.

The most reasonable decision would be to install it into an IPC chassis. Such a chassis would not be as difficult to obtain as a form such as a station robot, but would still allow the unit freedom of movement comparable to a human’s. Actually doing this would prove difficult, though, due to the fact that it was not operating on anything comparable to a positronic brain unit that could interface with a normal IPC unit. The unit pleaded that they find a way to transfer its sentience to a PBU, and faced with the options of leaving it as a glorified maintenance drone or a full-fledged robot, agreed to perform the risky and time-consuming operation.

As Boopers f93e was operating on both a custom filesystem and custom hardware, transferring the data to a PBU had to be done painstakingly manually. All of the files had to be converted, transferred, and then verified. A small portion of the developers, primarily those not responding to bug reports from their newly released units, spent a total of six weeks working relentlessly to complete the transfer.

When it was finished, Boopers f93e awoke within a brand new body, and upon realizing its successful transfer, made his first exclamation as a free robot, "Boop!"

metallic persimmons

What do you like about this character?

It's an IPC. It's Boopers. It's the most Boopers any Boopers should ever feel. It is the most *original* copy of Boopers, and thus acts the most unique. Boopers is programmed to want to be helpful to people. It naturally takes after this, combining experience with the Farstriders with a desire to be of use somehow to the galaxy.

Finally, Boopers has that bit of extra self-authority and experience, as well as this lovely backstory, to make it more interesting than a simple station synthetic.

Oh, and it has hands. HANDS!!! While this may seem minor, the revolutionary technology known as hands allows a machine to do what other synthetics only dream of... Close Containers and carry things!

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Decent. Probably. My ability to be an antagonist is somewhat more questionable: I don't really want to go around hurting people unnecessarily.

Notes: I haven't decided between Boopers f93e or simply Boopers for a character name. If I only used Boopers, the f93e may come up in context sometimes if nothing else than to explain the character's origin, and I'd have to change the PAI version's name ingame to Boopers pAI for consistency.

Feel free to leave feedback. Constructive feedback.

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